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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What is Your Price Tag?

     Souls for Sale, might has well be, if you are working for the money to pay for the temple coin. Money may not be God of the Universe, but Money has almost got full control of Planet Earth, one could say, on Earth, Money is God. Money has the newest and biggest Churches in every city, all with High Priests of Finance, Money has the most worshipers, and has Six Holy Days a week to handle its dedicated congregations, that's more than any other church or religion. Money accepts people from all religions, and it is broadly known that all religions accept Money. Many even pray to God, for Money. Did you ever hear of someone praying to Money, asking for more God? 
     As before mentioned 'money had almost got complete control', very important word, 'almost'. It only means by the Grease of God, some souls slipped out of control. Most likely those souls were not wearing any price tags, and therefore could only be considered aliens. It does have the appearance that many Canadians believe themselves Priceless, but, the aliens without numbers on their arms and foreheads in Canada, figure those registered Priceless Canadians suffer from a common disease know as Moneythightus, known to cause delusions of grandeur. Youth are not born with this life destroying Moneythightus, but it can infect the very young, with a simple piggy bank. With such a cultual disease affecting most of the population from birth to death, and with the High Priests of Finance peddling the Virtures of Capitalism, is it any wonder a cure has not been found, it is quite obvious, until we have a cure, there is only room for the Chosen Few to enjoy Heaven on Earth, the rest of course will have to accept promissory notes which can be cashed in after they die. So far there has been no solid evidence that any of these promissory notes have been honoured. There are hard questions being pushed on the High Priests of Finance these days, like 'Will Capitalism bring about Heaven on Earth', when indications point to the very opposite on Earth?  Perhaps there are some tables to be turned over yet, perhaps The Garden Party is full of aliens tipping over tables where ever they dig in, and really, there is no better way to tip over money changers tables, than planting a Garden. Local food production, diversity, good land care, no better way to go green and tip over tables. This important Historical Evidence has been known for a few thousand years. 
      Gardening in Canada has become a subversive act by putting the wrecking ball to the Money Economy, it is now a crime, to undermine the "economy" in Canada, so we are just smashing it from the top down, never mind undermining. The whole action may have a temporary trickle down affect, but even that will be pulverized by our wrecking balls and Garden Re-creation Parties. 
     Plant a Garden and take 20% off your price tag, get 20% closer to being Priceless. Once well rooted, compost the other 80%. 2019, the year Price Tags Get Composted. This could call for Celebration, when the job is done, of course. Dig in. 

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