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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Three Monkeys.

     Are Canadians not Responsible  for the blood soaking in the ground in Syria? This country, Canada, sells the ammunition, supplies the guns, provides the tanks, makes money and jobs and exports weapons, so Canadians can have a good life. Do Canadians not want to see, hear, or talk about, or take responsibility for what each one of us is doing? That by our collective life style we are killing people. We are also doing more than our share of killing the diversity of life on this planet. And we are killing thousands of youth on our streets with drugs. 
     Canada has government Instutions that gobble up money but seem unable respond. Even when there are obvious measures that can be taken immediately. Oh, they will say, "you just can't go and do things, you have to get everything just right, and follow this law, change this law, make ten more laws, have committees and consultations, hire planners", on and on, while people are dying in the street. On and on, while the planet is heating up. On and on while Diversity Shrinks and so does the chance for human survival. 
     And look at the Nuts that are getting into power. Folks, we just cannot leave decisions that affect all of us left up to Nuts. We need to take control away from Money.
     Just to see if the fish are hungry, the Garden Party of BC is casting out a line. There will be an Spring Election, in BC, anyone want to go fishing? 

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