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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Occupation Apple Tree

    OAT( occupation apple tree) is the root of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders. The Garden Party is a Branch, perhaps a main branch or just a twig that will soon fall off. The future, has not been yet decided, but every branch is reaching for the sun. 
     We would like to see, that in the future, there will still be people enjoying the sun, who are making decisions that enable a continuing future. OAP is well rooted, and Spring is coming, we have dirt to move, and soil to dig in, trees to tap, politicians to compost, and lots of shovels looking for hands to warm their wooden handles. 
    We are as ready as can be, we all have some capabilities, some resources, and  some issues, and know of a old Family Farm that needs a little TLC.  So,  Don't Wait For Us or Spring. Go For It. Dig In. We will be along shortly, to see where we can best apply ourselves.
     Q and A: text 604 928 3663. Louis. Expect to be published. 

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