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Thursday, December 29, 2016

No Question, Must Happen.

     We have to get together and take control of our lives and our direction to correction, out of the grip of money. Monetary goals, growing money economies, are causing inequalities, wasting resources, creating wars, destroying the environment and stopping changes that are necessary for life on Planet Earth. 
     So, who is ready for the task at hand? What can we do to prepare for the changes that Must Happen? Capitalism is bound for the compost. With it goes Banks, Stock Markets, Insurance Protection Rackets, and all like non sence. Corporations can be bankrupted very quickly. It takes only 20% of the people to boycott their goods and buy nothing from them.  All for money profit Corporations must be grounded, the sooner the better. 
     Must Happen. Weapons manufacturing and sales, need to be stopped now. Demand it, quit your job if you are employed by any of the arms industries. There are jobs that people are just going to have to bite the bullet and quit. The consequences of business as usual will be Syria over and over, better to stop now, before we are all running for cover in the corn patch. 
     Must Happen, local food production, plan a garden, with some corn, just in case. International shipping of food cannot be continued into the future and have a future. Nor can we let corporate farms run by accountants who only steward profits for immediate cash returns continue. Accountants are the worst farmers, the worst foresters, the worst fishermen, and the only environment of concern to them is their personal bank accounts. This is a general accusation which may be in error, so we offer an apology if there happens to be a corporate accountant who values life more than dirty money, unlikely, but possible.
     We cannot list all the things that must happen, nor all the things that would be better if they didn't happen, so make up your own list, and have a Happening and Unhappening New Year! 2017, the year that Much Stops Happening so Better Can Happen.  

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