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Friday, December 16, 2016

Homelessness Solution.

     BREAK THE LAW. The Garden Party, Self Proclaimed Government of Canada With Free Boarders, is risking prosecution again (already have been fined $25,000), by advocating that the People ignore certain laws. Laws limiting the number of people that can live in a house, laws preventing people from living in mobile buses, vans and campers on private property as well as public property. There are far more idle and parked mobile homes than there are homeless people in Canada. The Laws, that have been pushed for, by special interest groups, like, the hospitality industry(hotels), the real estate industry, developers, Property Speculators, Land Lords, and mortgage holders(banks), are designed for making money, money, money, and people are getting dumped on the street like garbage. Isn't there a Law against littering? Time to get tough on Crime, and lock all up all that Organized Crime with all their money. Who needs it, we got beans.
      Every Political Party in Canada, including the Green Party, is riddled with members, that are directed by the real estate boards. Greed is a main cause of homelessness in Canada, and the Laws and Restrictions that have been developed are there to feed the never satisfied Greed. So, we will be quite out front, and suggest that people ignore laws relating to what has already been stated. 
     We know of old age pensioners forced to move their fully equipped mobile homes, out of empty church parking lots, and off side streets in Victoria, BC. We also know of landlords, who, out of compassion, are allowing people to live in mobile units, and are getting hassled by the by law Police, still We say BREAK THE LAW, and scream from the roof tops every time you are forced to move.
     Now, does one suppose the The Garden Party can be Charged under the Terrorism Act for promoting civil unrest to get people shelter from the cold? The Garden Party definitely considers Greed, that causes Homelessness, a Terrorist Act. How about that for a charge. Try gardening, great rehabilitater.
     Merry Buy Nothing for Us, as we buy nothing for You Xmas, from the Garden Party Minister of Austerity and More Unemployment. The only political party without any members working for The Real Estate Industry, while providing an excess of low cost housing available immediately across the country without digging one thin dime out of the tax payers wallet. Now that is what we call Good Government, and remember to scream, if necessary. 

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