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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Garden Party Maple Syrup.

     Grand schemes require much scheming. Ideas and plans, which way to go, how to start, always looking for dirt, Composting Politicians, where to make or get the resources, organizing a stucture of operation that will start the ball rolling and keep on improving, until the Grand Scheme can take on a life of its own. Such is the situation of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Closed Doors.
     Seems like there are two farms with some hundreds of maples in Eastern (?) Ontario that could be tapped for Maple Syrup this year. Some investment, tools, equipment, for the job will be required, all that is needed is yet unknown. As more information comes in, as to exact locations and needs, plans will develop, hopefully, some taps will be running this coming Spring. And, the Garden Party will put down roots in Ontario.
     Well, now we have that to do, and that other thing that just came up, and this, this, and this to do, and how about that thing we got started last fall with the mushrooms, and maybe a nursery will have to be moved, oh we could keep a lot of people busy in the business of Human Survival. So if you are in Ontario, BC, or Manitoba, have access to equipment, maybe want to be involved, come scheme with us. Text 1-604 928 3663, Louis Lesosky., Occupation Apple Tree, where the occupation movement is continuous.

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