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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Garden Party Chat Line.

     The Idea is to start a chat line to discuss the problems of our world, discuss what can be done, figure out how, or how many how's, and do it. Expanding on that theme, the action is now doing it, how? Some help will be needed. 
     So, one step at a time, the entire Garden in Saanich is going into pots, ready to move, what plants are established and can sustain will be left, we are on a constant eviction notice of sixty days, on this location as it could be sold at any time, Would like to see all the plants, fruit trees, berry shrubs, grape vines get planted somewhere, what we have is a available now, we have never charged for plants, food and seeds, and we have other spots where projects are going on, or are waiting to get started, one step at a time, slowing down, and speeding things up. 
     Nearing the end of three years of Self Government in BC, and have yet to hear a complaint from any voter or non voter, Fraud Elected Governments are powerless to stop The Garden Party, they have power in what they control, they effectively  blocked us from participating in elections, so, we just declared Self Government and that is that, aside from $25,000 in fines for daring to challenge the Elections Federally, which we are not paying, and they are making not the slightest effort to collect, we are taking over Governing without involving the Fraud Governments of Canada. We can do all the things that Elected Governments do, but most of what they are doing, is unnesscessary  and redundant, just more unnecessary expence and obstacles, more the problem than solution, so, we are not doing a lot of unnecessary stuff, like having false elections. We are all direct participants in Self Government, much more value than just a vote, and no say at all, for both non voters and voters. Nothing to Win, and Cannot Lose.

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