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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Down With Cats.

     Love Cats or Not, their population as pets is an Enviromental Disaster. Cats are Serial Killers. Anything that moves that cannot put up a good fight, is being wiped out. Time to give a wild song bird equal status to a pet cat. One dead bird is a life snuffed out, one cat can and does often kill for sport, hundreds, even thousands of birds in its lifetime. Is a cats life more worthy than a bird? There are many areas around towns in BC where all the small birds are gone, due to cats.
     Cats on the loose, cats in shelters, house cats outside the house, should be exterminated. The animal lovers may disagree, but dump 5 billion cat kills a year in front of their eyes, charge them for pain, suffering and deaths of billions of creatures, give cat lovers fines and jail terms, and, it is just possible that they will stop breeding cats, even if they never change their mind. Cats got to go, and the Garden Party is sure going to increase its popularity with this one, good thing we are not after votes. 

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