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Friday, December 2, 2016

Booze Everywhere, BC.

     It was a long time ago in Canada, that Society recognized gambling and alcohol were responsible for much of the social ills of the day. The sober non gamblers of the masses, mostly women, took a stand, forcing governments to make laws that limited access to booze, and made almost all gambling illegal. It did make a big difference. The flow of booze slowed down significantly. Except for charity bingo and raffles for fund raising at a local level, and horse racing, so farmers who raised the animals for a living would not be put out of work, all other forms of gambling for money stopped, except a few hard core gamblers in back rooms. And Canada was better off, 
    But it is all back, Lotteries for Charities opened the door a crack, and now, Booze is available 24/7,Casinos are popping up like mushrooms did this year, Gambling is in every corner store and gas station. Social and health problems that comes with booze are back, gambling has its own demons, Add the extra ingredient of drugs and drug addiction and the Money to be made from drugs, there is as much suffering going on in Canada right now, as there was from loss of Canadian lives in the two previous World Wars. 
     When will we ever learn, history ignored, our governments are pushing on the people booze, and gambling, because it pours revenues into the public purse for them to pick. Lots of Vultures picking at these Cash Cows. Add in the drug additions, to the booze and gambling, now we have quite a cocktail. 
     Governments are promoting problems while promising to fix the side effects, but, never address the root of the problem. Behind Booze are big profits, behind Gambling are big profits, behind Drugs are Big Profits, Money, more valuable than human life, money is what it's is all about. The Big Demon, that would sooner destroy the Earth, than let one person go free. 
     But, as always, trying not to leave on a sour note, The Garden Party Minister for More Unemployment is pleased to announce lots of Lay Offs in the Booze, Lotto and Organized Crime Industries in the coming year. The Minister also suggests to buy nothing for him, or anyone else this Xmas, find a better way to express your love, than Garbage Dump Fillers and Corporate Profits.

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