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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bite The Bullet, Civil Servents.

     The job losses that are coming for the masses of government workers, known as civil servants, and a few other things having to do with back end pain, in Canada, will no doubt sink a lot of other jobs of the lower income bracket, such as fast food industries, that cater to the needs of all the people in a rush to eat so they can get back to their jobs of delaying anything that might allow somebody to get something done.
     Not all work being done by civil servants is without merit, and there is no intention to throw out the baby with the bath water, but even those beneficial civil servants might get some extra work done if they were not helped so much out by all those fast food eaters counting the days to permanent public retirement.
     Fortunately, the new Self Government of Canada,  The Garden Party, has nothing but civil servants who pay their own way. No unemployment Insurane, no unemployment, look at all the work there is to do trying to clean up the mess left by Elected Governments. Retirement is cancelled, we are going to need every bit of help we can get if we are to continue with Elected Governments, Canada is  Celebrating 150 Years of Crime and Skulduggery this year, 2017. We are forecasting a sight forced drop in such behavior this year, due to large white collar job loss. Hardware sales of shovels are expected to rise, remember, The Garden Party Has No Unemployment Insurance for Civil Servants. We are not quite saying, "If you want to eat, pick up a shovel", but we are saying " If you want to eat, The Garden Party is the place for you"! Exercise a little Self Government, just to get a feel for it, very empowering.
     Back to the topic, most jobs acted out by civil servants are not needed by the model of Self Government, that has Evolved in Canada these past few years, no Parliment or Legislature buildings to maintain as they are not required to govern by The Garden Party. The Garden Party members move Parliment wherever they go, and at there own expence too, no conflict of interest here. 
     Just remember, some shovels are better than others, if you are buying a shovel, try breaking it before you get out the store, if it breaks, scream at the top of your lungs about the low quality and demand better, or make one yourself. A good example of Self Government,  no Fees, Licences, permits or civil servants required. Just Go to Work, and practice self government, everything is so easy, and you have lots of extra time to do a good job, at lower cost. And that always feels good, doing a good job, everybody knows that, if they ever do that.

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