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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bite The Bullet, Civil Servents.

     The job losses that are coming for the masses of government workers, known as civil servants, and a few other things having to do with back end pain, in Canada, will no doubt sink a lot of other jobs of the lower income bracket, such as fast food industries, that cater to the needs of all the people in a rush to eat so they can get back to their jobs of delaying anything that might allow somebody to get something done.
     Not all work being done by civil servants is without merit, and there is no intention to throw out the baby with the bath water, but even those beneficial civil servants might get some extra work done if they were not helped so much out by all those fast food eaters counting the days to permanent public retirement.
     Fortunately, the new Self Government of Canada,  The Garden Party, has nothing but civil servants who pay their own way. No unemployment Insurane, no unemployment, look at all the work there is to do trying to clean up the mess left by Elected Governments. Retirement is cancelled, we are going to need every bit of help we can get if we are to continue with Elected Governments, Canada is  Celebrating 150 Years of Crime and Skulduggery this year, 2017. We are forecasting a sight forced drop in such behavior this year, due to large white collar job loss. Hardware sales of shovels are expected to rise, remember, The Garden Party Has No Unemployment Insurance for Civil Servants. We are not quite saying, "If you want to eat, pick up a shovel", but we are saying " If you want to eat, The Garden Party is the place for you"! Exercise a little Self Government, just to get a feel for it, very empowering.
     Back to the topic, most jobs acted out by civil servants are not needed by the model of Self Government, that has Evolved in Canada these past few years, no Parliment or Legislature buildings to maintain as they are not required to govern by The Garden Party. The Garden Party members move Parliment wherever they go, and at there own expence too, no conflict of interest here. 
     Just remember, some shovels are better than others, if you are buying a shovel, try breaking it before you get out the store, if it breaks, scream at the top of your lungs about the low quality and demand better, or make one yourself. A good example of Self Government,  no Fees, Licences, permits or civil servants required. Just Go to Work, and practice self government, everything is so easy, and you have lots of extra time to do a good job, at lower cost. And that always feels good, doing a good job, everybody knows that, if they ever do that.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

No Question, Must Happen.

     We have to get together and take control of our lives and our direction to correction, out of the grip of money. Monetary goals, growing money economies, are causing inequalities, wasting resources, creating wars, destroying the environment and stopping changes that are necessary for life on Planet Earth. 
     So, who is ready for the task at hand? What can we do to prepare for the changes that Must Happen? Capitalism is bound for the compost. With it goes Banks, Stock Markets, Insurance Protection Rackets, and all like non sence. Corporations can be bankrupted very quickly. It takes only 20% of the people to boycott their goods and buy nothing from them.  All for money profit Corporations must be grounded, the sooner the better. 
     Must Happen. Weapons manufacturing and sales, need to be stopped now. Demand it, quit your job if you are employed by any of the arms industries. There are jobs that people are just going to have to bite the bullet and quit. The consequences of business as usual will be Syria over and over, better to stop now, before we are all running for cover in the corn patch. 
     Must Happen, local food production, plan a garden, with some corn, just in case. International shipping of food cannot be continued into the future and have a future. Nor can we let corporate farms run by accountants who only steward profits for immediate cash returns continue. Accountants are the worst farmers, the worst foresters, the worst fishermen, and the only environment of concern to them is their personal bank accounts. This is a general accusation which may be in error, so we offer an apology if there happens to be a corporate accountant who values life more than dirty money, unlikely, but possible.
     We cannot list all the things that must happen, nor all the things that would be better if they didn't happen, so make up your own list, and have a Happening and Unhappening New Year! 2017, the year that Much Stops Happening so Better Can Happen.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What is Your Price Tag?

     Souls for Sale, might has well be, if you are working for the money to pay for the temple coin. Money may not be God of the Universe, but Money has almost got full control of Planet Earth, one could say, on Earth, Money is God. Money has the newest and biggest Churches in every city, all with High Priests of Finance, Money has the most worshipers, and has Six Holy Days a week to handle its dedicated congregations, that's more than any other church or religion. Money accepts people from all religions, and it is broadly known that all religions accept Money. Many even pray to God, for Money. Did you ever hear of someone praying to Money, asking for more God? 
     As before mentioned 'money had almost got complete control', very important word, 'almost'. It only means by the Grease of God, some souls slipped out of control. Most likely those souls were not wearing any price tags, and therefore could only be considered aliens. It does have the appearance that many Canadians believe themselves Priceless, but, the aliens without numbers on their arms and foreheads in Canada, figure those registered Priceless Canadians suffer from a common disease know as Moneythightus, known to cause delusions of grandeur. Youth are not born with this life destroying Moneythightus, but it can infect the very young, with a simple piggy bank. With such a cultual disease affecting most of the population from birth to death, and with the High Priests of Finance peddling the Virtures of Capitalism, is it any wonder a cure has not been found, it is quite obvious, until we have a cure, there is only room for the Chosen Few to enjoy Heaven on Earth, the rest of course will have to accept promissory notes which can be cashed in after they die. So far there has been no solid evidence that any of these promissory notes have been honoured. There are hard questions being pushed on the High Priests of Finance these days, like 'Will Capitalism bring about Heaven on Earth', when indications point to the very opposite on Earth?  Perhaps there are some tables to be turned over yet, perhaps The Garden Party is full of aliens tipping over tables where ever they dig in, and really, there is no better way to tip over money changers tables, than planting a Garden. Local food production, diversity, good land care, no better way to go green and tip over tables. This important Historical Evidence has been known for a few thousand years. 
      Gardening in Canada has become a subversive act by putting the wrecking ball to the Money Economy, it is now a crime, to undermine the "economy" in Canada, so we are just smashing it from the top down, never mind undermining. The whole action may have a temporary trickle down affect, but even that will be pulverized by our wrecking balls and Garden Re-creation Parties. 
     Plant a Garden and take 20% off your price tag, get 20% closer to being Priceless. Once well rooted, compost the other 80%. 2019, the year Price Tags Get Composted. This could call for Celebration, when the job is done, of course. Dig in. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Garden Party Maple Syrup.

     Grand schemes require much scheming. Ideas and plans, which way to go, how to start, always looking for dirt, Composting Politicians, where to make or get the resources, organizing a stucture of operation that will start the ball rolling and keep on improving, until the Grand Scheme can take on a life of its own. Such is the situation of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Closed Doors.
     Seems like there are two farms with some hundreds of maples in Eastern (?) Ontario that could be tapped for Maple Syrup this year. Some investment, tools, equipment, for the job will be required, all that is needed is yet unknown. As more information comes in, as to exact locations and needs, plans will develop, hopefully, some taps will be running this coming Spring. And, the Garden Party will put down roots in Ontario.
     Well, now we have that to do, and that other thing that just came up, and this, this, and this to do, and how about that thing we got started last fall with the mushrooms, and maybe a nursery will have to be moved, oh we could keep a lot of people busy in the business of Human Survival. So if you are in Ontario, BC, or Manitoba, have access to equipment, maybe want to be involved, come scheme with us. Text 1-604 928 3663, Louis Lesosky., Occupation Apple Tree, where the occupation movement is continuous.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Occupation Apple Tree

    OAT( occupation apple tree) is the root of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders. The Garden Party is a Branch, perhaps a main branch or just a twig that will soon fall off. The future, has not been yet decided, but every branch is reaching for the sun. 
     We would like to see, that in the future, there will still be people enjoying the sun, who are making decisions that enable a continuing future. OAP is well rooted, and Spring is coming, we have dirt to move, and soil to dig in, trees to tap, politicians to compost, and lots of shovels looking for hands to warm their wooden handles. 
    We are as ready as can be, we all have some capabilities, some resources, and  some issues, and know of a old Family Farm that needs a little TLC.  So,  Don't Wait For Us or Spring. Go For It. Dig In. We will be along shortly, to see where we can best apply ourselves.
     Q and A: text 604 928 3663. Louis. Expect to be published. 

Question and Answer.

"Happy Do Nothing Day, How is your Health? How is Johns Health?"
 "All is well. Just went to SB (Spences Bridge) Today. Farm Owner is in Kamloops Hospital, with his third heart attack. Will go back to see them when he out. They will need help. Occupation Apple Tree Emergency Responsibility at your service. We will need a large crew of people who have little need, and perhaps a little ability, or desire to learn and get some."
 "Is Jim with you"?
 "If you are interested, or anyone you know, let them know. We are forming a group to pick up the load of farmers that are in trouble. Jim is here."
     Happy Do Nothing Day to You Too!
    ( to be continued ....) text Louis 604 928 3663.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Down With Cats.

     Love Cats or Not, their population as pets is an Enviromental Disaster. Cats are Serial Killers. Anything that moves that cannot put up a good fight, is being wiped out. Time to give a wild song bird equal status to a pet cat. One dead bird is a life snuffed out, one cat can and does often kill for sport, hundreds, even thousands of birds in its lifetime. Is a cats life more worthy than a bird? There are many areas around towns in BC where all the small birds are gone, due to cats.
     Cats on the loose, cats in shelters, house cats outside the house, should be exterminated. The animal lovers may disagree, but dump 5 billion cat kills a year in front of their eyes, charge them for pain, suffering and deaths of billions of creatures, give cat lovers fines and jail terms, and, it is just possible that they will stop breeding cats, even if they never change their mind. Cats got to go, and the Garden Party is sure going to increase its popularity with this one, good thing we are not after votes. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Homelessness Solution.

     BREAK THE LAW. The Garden Party, Self Proclaimed Government of Canada With Free Boarders, is risking prosecution again (already have been fined $25,000), by advocating that the People ignore certain laws. Laws limiting the number of people that can live in a house, laws preventing people from living in mobile buses, vans and campers on private property as well as public property. There are far more idle and parked mobile homes than there are homeless people in Canada. The Laws, that have been pushed for, by special interest groups, like, the hospitality industry(hotels), the real estate industry, developers, Property Speculators, Land Lords, and mortgage holders(banks), are designed for making money, money, money, and people are getting dumped on the street like garbage. Isn't there a Law against littering? Time to get tough on Crime, and lock all up all that Organized Crime with all their money. Who needs it, we got beans.
      Every Political Party in Canada, including the Green Party, is riddled with members, that are directed by the real estate boards. Greed is a main cause of homelessness in Canada, and the Laws and Restrictions that have been developed are there to feed the never satisfied Greed. So, we will be quite out front, and suggest that people ignore laws relating to what has already been stated. 
     We know of old age pensioners forced to move their fully equipped mobile homes, out of empty church parking lots, and off side streets in Victoria, BC. We also know of landlords, who, out of compassion, are allowing people to live in mobile units, and are getting hassled by the by law Police, still We say BREAK THE LAW, and scream from the roof tops every time you are forced to move.
     Now, does one suppose the The Garden Party can be Charged under the Terrorism Act for promoting civil unrest to get people shelter from the cold? The Garden Party definitely considers Greed, that causes Homelessness, a Terrorist Act. How about that for a charge. Try gardening, great rehabilitater.
     Merry Buy Nothing for Us, as we buy nothing for You Xmas, from the Garden Party Minister of Austerity and More Unemployment. The only political party without any members working for The Real Estate Industry, while providing an excess of low cost housing available immediately across the country without digging one thin dime out of the tax payers wallet. Now that is what we call Good Government, and remember to scream, if necessary. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Three Monkeys.

     Are Canadians not Responsible  for the blood soaking in the ground in Syria? This country, Canada, sells the ammunition, supplies the guns, provides the tanks, makes money and jobs and exports weapons, so Canadians can have a good life. Do Canadians not want to see, hear, or talk about, or take responsibility for what each one of us is doing? That by our collective life style we are killing people. We are also doing more than our share of killing the diversity of life on this planet. And we are killing thousands of youth on our streets with drugs. 
     Canada has government Instutions that gobble up money but seem unable respond. Even when there are obvious measures that can be taken immediately. Oh, they will say, "you just can't go and do things, you have to get everything just right, and follow this law, change this law, make ten more laws, have committees and consultations, hire planners", on and on, while people are dying in the street. On and on, while the planet is heating up. On and on while Diversity Shrinks and so does the chance for human survival. 
     And look at the Nuts that are getting into power. Folks, we just cannot leave decisions that affect all of us left up to Nuts. We need to take control away from Money.
     Just to see if the fish are hungry, the Garden Party of BC is casting out a line. There will be an Spring Election, in BC, anyone want to go fishing? 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pot Causes Brain Damage.

    The brain damage caused by Pot in Canada, affects only a small part of the population. Mostly non-smokers, Elected Political Leaders, Useless Job Advocates,  Licensed Pot Growers and Retailers. The part of the brain that is stimulated by the smell of money, caused by Pot, is no different than the greed affliction that is suffered by all the stock market participants. 
    What was Pot before it was made illegal? A weed, or herb, the same as a dandelion. Different, but both have some useful properties. Pot has been turned into a good source of revenue for organized crime by governments making it illegal, and, at the same time, the illegal Pot became a revenue drain on public institutions. The Criminal Justice System(no small cost), police, courts and staffs, judges, prisons and Guards, all their funding, comes out of the public purse. And how about all the harassment of the general fun loving public; jail terms, fines, gang wars, all this going on for decades, generations. All those wasted years of work fighting against Pot, are going to now be wasted again, to try controlling Pot sales. Legalizing Pot, as Governments are doing, are not freeing the plant for the common person, they are actually selling ownership of Nature, to corporate interests, not quite directly, but that is what is being attempted.'
     Just like Pot, you could Lie about Dandelions, make them illegal to increase consumption, lock People up who eat them, keep the prisons full, and when illegal Organized Crime has taken over the dandelion market and the streets are full of gangs pushing dandelion roots and shooting each other in fights over territory,  and forty years later when the public demands legalization of the weed (dandelion), it can controled from production to distribution, taxed and capitalized on just like pot, and Dandelions would become Corpoate property, forever. The sweet smell of rotten money penetrates and rots all it touches.
      Ridiculous you say about Dandelions, we say, 'no more ridiculous than what is being done with the legalizing of Pot in Canada,' just another weed, with some medical properties. The real weed, the one is planted in the mind from birth to death, that one, should be rooted out, it is called Money. 
     Just how much time are highly paid politicians across Canada going to spend setting up regulations for Controlled  Legalized Pot? It may take a little while before the movers and shakers set up the sell out, and make sure that the dirty money gets into the right clean hands.  
    What will the public purse pay for? Everything.  How many more civil servants will be hired to study, to regulate and to collect taxes for ever from Pot?  Courts will still be needed, police, judges and lawyers will continue to fill the courts enforcing Pot regulations. All this, when nothing more needs to be done other than removing Pot off the illegal list and treat pot like dandelions or cucumbers. A Garden Herb, that people can grow, sell or stick in their ear if they want to. Job done. 
    But no, we are not sane, that is just too simple for the wise, besides how can one resist the grand opportunity for a cash grab, and, it is not only politicians that can smell the money, the snouts of the advocates for legalization have been Vibrating for years. Make Money. Throw Sanity out the window.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, recognizes  Dandelions and Pot, to be the same as cucumbers, natures gifts to all. Make up your own mind, make your own choice of which you prefer. Job done, costs nothing, and needs no Government institutions, or, if you prefer, the On Going Insanity of Government taxed and regulated Pot, no blame, you were probably insane or smoking to much Pot, before you made that decision. Gardening has been known for being a cure for stress and some types of insanity, but be careful. Planting one seed may trigger an instant addiction that just keeps on growing, till it can grow no more. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Grassroots Grow, Canada.

     The wind must have blown good seed all over the place. Seeds got grounded, send down roots, some getting their first flowers, and the ground for those multitudes of determined seeds is what we need to prepare for Now. Times are changing.
     Cities need to shrink, at the very least, as many should be leaving, as are coming, stablize, cities are not healthy environments to grow up in, most of the food eaten in even small cities in Canada, would be considered unfit for worms to eat, by the Minister of Agriculture of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, 
    So, we would like garden land, to feed properly, all the new immigrants arriving here in Canada. There are benefits of Social Value yet unrecognized, by doing this action, gardens can bring people together without knowing each other's language or culture. Besides, you can sweeten up words and communicate with strawberries, there just are so many benefits to having a small garden, even a very small garden, it would take weeks, perhaps months to list all those benefits. It is difficult to understand why everybody is not growing a garden with a refugee, and reaping it benefits.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, Minister of Fruits and  Vegetables, at your service   Expect much higher prices in Canada for toxic corporate foods this coming year. The Minister figures Corporate Foods will soon be Museum Fixtures, the real value of a bulb of garlic remains unchanged, money is what is losing its value, and according The Garden Party Minister of Finance, it is worthless now, where did you say there was some bit of land? We will get right on it, if you are ready, many are willing.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Garden Party Chat Line.

     The Idea is to start a chat line to discuss the problems of our world, discuss what can be done, figure out how, or how many how's, and do it. Expanding on that theme, the action is now doing it, how? Some help will be needed. 
     So, one step at a time, the entire Garden in Saanich is going into pots, ready to move, what plants are established and can sustain will be left, we are on a constant eviction notice of sixty days, on this location as it could be sold at any time, Would like to see all the plants, fruit trees, berry shrubs, grape vines get planted somewhere, what we have is a available now, we have never charged for plants, food and seeds, and we have other spots where projects are going on, or are waiting to get started, one step at a time, slowing down, and speeding things up. 
     Nearing the end of three years of Self Government in BC, and have yet to hear a complaint from any voter or non voter, Fraud Elected Governments are powerless to stop The Garden Party, they have power in what they control, they effectively  blocked us from participating in elections, so, we just declared Self Government and that is that, aside from $25,000 in fines for daring to challenge the Elections Federally, which we are not paying, and they are making not the slightest effort to collect, we are taking over Governing without involving the Fraud Governments of Canada. We can do all the things that Elected Governments do, but most of what they are doing, is unnesscessary  and redundant, just more unnecessary expence and obstacles, more the problem than solution, so, we are not doing a lot of unnecessary stuff, like having false elections. We are all direct participants in Self Government, much more value than just a vote, and no say at all, for both non voters and voters. Nothing to Win, and Cannot Lose.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Booze Everywhere, BC.

     It was a long time ago in Canada, that Society recognized gambling and alcohol were responsible for much of the social ills of the day. The sober non gamblers of the masses, mostly women, took a stand, forcing governments to make laws that limited access to booze, and made almost all gambling illegal. It did make a big difference. The flow of booze slowed down significantly. Except for charity bingo and raffles for fund raising at a local level, and horse racing, so farmers who raised the animals for a living would not be put out of work, all other forms of gambling for money stopped, except a few hard core gamblers in back rooms. And Canada was better off, 
    But it is all back, Lotteries for Charities opened the door a crack, and now, Booze is available 24/7,Casinos are popping up like mushrooms did this year, Gambling is in every corner store and gas station. Social and health problems that comes with booze are back, gambling has its own demons, Add the extra ingredient of drugs and drug addiction and the Money to be made from drugs, there is as much suffering going on in Canada right now, as there was from loss of Canadian lives in the two previous World Wars. 
     When will we ever learn, history ignored, our governments are pushing on the people booze, and gambling, because it pours revenues into the public purse for them to pick. Lots of Vultures picking at these Cash Cows. Add in the drug additions, to the booze and gambling, now we have quite a cocktail. 
     Governments are promoting problems while promising to fix the side effects, but, never address the root of the problem. Behind Booze are big profits, behind Gambling are big profits, behind Drugs are Big Profits, Money, more valuable than human life, money is what it's is all about. The Big Demon, that would sooner destroy the Earth, than let one person go free. 
     But, as always, trying not to leave on a sour note, The Garden Party Minister for More Unemployment is pleased to announce lots of Lay Offs in the Booze, Lotto and Organized Crime Industries in the coming year. The Minister also suggests to buy nothing for him, or anyone else this Xmas, find a better way to express your love, than Garbage Dump Fillers and Corporate Profits.