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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Travelling Gardeners, Canada.

    The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders is growing another Branch, growth has started on Vancouver Island BC, and has the possibility of also sprouting up this coming Spring in Ontario.
      New Branch Growing; taking care of land, from city lots to failing corporate farms. The idea is, to use land for food production, the service is Free. We will take on properties as Far East as Ontario this year, and, we invite all Gardeners across Canada to do likewise. Take care of other people's neglected and unused properties and go wild, gardening and getting good food to all the kids. 
     Canada once claimed to be the Bread Basket of the World, has been turned into the Basket Case that cannot feed its own population. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, that collects no Taxes is investing its entire Buget to set up the infrastructure and get every kid fed. This project will create around 200,000 jobs, and could be well established in one year. Since The Garden Party charges no fees or taxes, it is counting on thousands of Canadians to get off their butts, dig in, and get on board to feed the kids where they live. Big project, no debt, nothing but positive results, everybody happy and healthy. Can be done, do it right for the right reasons, monitary costs next to nothing, and, we will have 200,000 Gardeners working together for a Common Purpose. If you need help to get started, contact those who have already started, like, The Garden Party, Emergency Response Minister, Busybody, at 16049283663. 
     The New World Order in Canada, Feed The People.

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