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Sunday, November 13, 2016


     So, computers are being made to do all the jobs that humans are doing. It has already started, truck drivers, taxi drivers, loggers, teachers next. Won't even need a farmer. Smart Cars, Smart Houses, Dumbed Kids, Sick People, Dead Earth. 
     The human body has evolved to be used, machines are built to do a certain job and can sit idle, but to keep a mind and body healthy, they must be used. So instead of corporate computer mass made garbage household furniture, we could have thousands of hands getting exercise making lasting quality goods for the local community, from local wood.
     We need respect of wood resources, and we need more forests and vegetation to combat Globle Warming. We do not need throw away Furnature. And we do want healthy minds making good decisions, and healthy bodies, and good things to do with it, like exercising a wooden handle shovel. Dig in, we are making a little progress every day.

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