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Friday, November 25, 2016

Stop Arctic Drilling.

     Canada already has a glut of oil and natural gas on tap, the world has to Reduce The Use Of Fossil Fuels Now, so there is no need to damage the Arctic any more than has been done. The only people that want to blast, drill, and exploit are profiteers who care about money, that is what is important to them and they go to great heights to get their way. Like attending expensive lunches with politicians. They really care nothing for the environment or of the people that have lived in the Arctic for centuries. 
     The responsibility of all Canadians is to draw the line, no more Arctic Exploration for Fossil Fuels. And to seal the demand, everybody reduce their personal use of fossil fuels by 15% Today, another 15% for 2017. Call it Harm Reduction Strategy, and, it can be done by just getting organized and stop wasting. 10,000 Airplanes in the sky everyday in service of the Gladiator Industry, 2800 Logging Trucks in BC Hauling Logs to make Hockey Sticks and Clear Cuts, and don't forget the tolet paper.
      We are making progress, the exploiters are in a rush because they know the writing is on wall, rip and tear for monetary gain and leave the mess behind  days are over, opposition will overwhelm them, even in the Arctic.  And support Standing Rock instead of Corporate Santa Claus.
     This has been a Message from The Minister of Propaganda, of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, 15% Reduction Starts today for all Drag-Ons. 

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