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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pot to Pot Laws.

     Why not do the simplest thing, return the pot plant to its proper status. Pot is just another plant, another herb like any other herb, it has some properties that humans use it for, just like a lot of other plants.  Cancel the stupid laws that make pot illegal, end of story. 
     People can decide to grow pot, or flowers, or cucumbers, the people do not need or want any interference by government. How many millions of dollars are being spent now by governments and courts to set up a controled taxed system to collect revenues? What for, to pay another bunch of useless civil servants? Build more offices, hire more lawyers? Provide pensions for politicians?
     Cucumbers don't need any help from government to find it's way to the table, neither does pot. And this system cost nothing to implement, because there is nothing to implement. Nothing to maintain forever. Very efficient, job done, now let's get on with important things, like getting good food on everybodies table in Canada.
      That is how The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders takes care of Business. 

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