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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Open The Borders.

     The Cold War is over, NATO is redundant, Russia and Canada share borders, so, since the line drawn on the ice between Canada and Russia has melted, due to global warming, the Garden Party self government of Canada suggests Open Borders between Russis and Canada. People migration is a fact of life. Restrains on people's forced movement is just not very friendly. Friendly would be helping people in their migration, help where help is needed, and right now, in Canada, development of Organic Gardens and farms are a way to provide real help, and get "Real Change". 
     Canada does not need a Trump Wall to Keep Out Latin Americans, it already has a Dept of Immigration that is doing the Same Thing as Trump Proposes to do if elected President in the USA, Deporting Immigrants. Sad state of affairs in Canada, but "real change" is happening regardless of the Fraud Elected Government of Canada. The Garden Party suggests all immigrants threatened with deportation to go underground and start gardening.  

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