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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

No Endorsement, Trump.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders does not recognize any leaders who have less than 51% of public support.  Trump might have 20% of voting age who support him be President, but he also has, at least 70% of the people who do not want him as President. 
     In a Democracy the intent is that the Majority Rule. Majority Rule, by the present construct of the election process in the USA, fails the intent. Majority does not rule, 20% Minority Rule. Proof is in the pudding, if Trump becomes President, the intent of Democracy, of majority rule, has a Flat Tire.  The Election Process in The USA has failed its Constitution intent that may have worked in the past, but does not work today in any Democracy. The powers of democratic governments are directed by a few people with 20% vote support, and if you count all the people old enough to vote, that is all Trump has.
      The Garden Party's Minister of US Affairs, The Dishonourable Busybody, who failed to have any effect on the US Fake Election by giving voters another choice, is now in California. Busybody is a suggesting Self Government Without Borders, and this would Give Trump More Walls to Build. That will create more useless jobs to Make America Great Again, as it implodes within. Busybody will give Trump A Hoe and Shovel, made in China, and get him out Gardening around the White OutHouse.
      Not Painted Yet, but if Trump spent a hundred million tax write off dollars on the election, he can make a contribution and buy tax write off paint, and make the public pay for it, as usual.

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