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Saturday, November 12, 2016

New World Order.

     Of course by now you know that The New World Order is what we make it. The artists of The Old World Disorder may not want to give up their paint brushes of making money, wars, refugee camps, and globle warming, but the paint that they have been using is drying up and falling off, it just will not stick to the future.
     So The Garden Party Without Borders has created a new brush, and is preparing non-toxic paint, to develop a new picture. It is a Plan for the World to Paint. With every stroke from this paintbrush, the New World Order will appear on scene. 
     First of all, let's get our priorities straight, the Enviroment, our life support system, must be number one color on every paint brush not getting shot at.  It will matter nothing what type of failed government we have if our world is devoid of life.
     The Garden Party is on a Campaign, to tackle soil erosion, pollution, waste and fossil fuel consumption. Our methods are working, all our projects, small though they be, have positive social and enviromental results. Non of our projects are being done for the purpose of making money or growing the money economy. In fact we are eliminating need for and use of money. When said and done, our food production and even distribution will reach zero fossil fuel use on all agriculture production within ten years, that is the goal, and the sooner the better. We are already achieving these results on our small projects, and are ready to take on more land, or help others who are attempting to do the same, that is, effectively growing food without destroying natural diversity. 
     We all make up a part of the scene, now is a time special and ready for a new scene for the world, compost the old, nurture the new, dig in, and revive the Garden.

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