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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Golden Knights.

   More Flying Gladiators that will soon be grounded as people clue in to the amount of aero fuel guzzling that goes on polluting our precious atmosphere for entertainment. This just adds to all those 'cheap' flights already going to Nevada for entertainment, gambling. Investors in Flying Galdiators Sports are Gambling and about to lose their bets. The final Daze of Of All Corporate Funded Flying Gladiators has arrived. This will mean of course the loss of a lot of jobs in transportation, manufacturing bobble heads, advertising, stats departments, TV Crews, Fans, lots of sports bums are flying to games and ignoring Climate Change.. Not any longer will we let them ignor the impact that this kind of entertainment has on our air. Thousands of Planes, everyday, for entertainment? Come on, local sports and more of it might be a benefit and certainly would be less cost environmentally. 
     This has been a message from the Minister For More Unemployment, of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, continuing to shrink the Economy and Bankrupt Money. So, for 2016 the Minister Suggests: Boycott Flying Gladiator Games, buy no tickets, save the trees, pick mushrooms.

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