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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Five Conditions / BC Pipeline.

  #One: substantial contributions to the coffers of The BC Liberal Party, Election Time.
 .#Two: Substantial personal contributions from Industry to The Movers and Shakers In Government, that make the pipeline possible inspite of opposition, normal behavior.
 #Three: Minimum contributions to First Nations Chiefs, on and off the books. Corruption is Multicultural. Business tax write off,
 #Four: The People of BC, end up paying all the costs of the pipeline, nothing new here, just the usual numbers juggling,
 #Five: The People of Canada pay for all the Equipment  and maintenance costs for coastal emergency response teams who need to be ready for Tanker Traffic and Oil Spills. Normal, the people work and pay, the profits go far away, and guess who gets left with the mess when the wells go dry. 
    The writing is on the Outhouse Wall, the Pipeline has met Cristy Clark's Five Conditions. 

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