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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cancel War Plane Orders.

     What is Canada? What is Canada's priorities? Warplanes? How about Human Existence? How about Global Warming? How about the Drug Overdoses? How about Hungary Kids? How about Rotton Teeth? Maybe some equipped transport planes and ships for emergency response full of Dentists might be an idea a bit better than fighter jets and destroyer ships. Canada is still Increasing arms sales for export and buying jets for defence, from their exports. Every country wants up to date weapons for defence, and uses them for offence. All weapons are offensive. Cancel all new production, sales and purchases of war junk. Put those resources and military forces into something positive, start a example, be a leader instead of a Drag on Manikin. And get to work on those more important things, like gardens, to feed the hungry, and stopping the rape and pillage of Canada's Forests, like what is happening in Wells BC Right Now, where  local loggers are asking for help to block the road to stop 2800 logging trucks. Well, Gardeners know the value of Forests, and are not busy right now, and, it is the home town of The Garden Party's Minister For Community Forests, and there is a perfect spot for a long term Blockade Party, it is under consideration, great place for skiing and snowshoeing.
     May you live in interesting times, and have a Garden.

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