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Monday, November 28, 2016

Before and After, Cuba.

     In 1958 in Cuba 32 Infant deaths per 1000 births, 1906, 5.13 deaths per 1000. That occurred while Fidel Castro sat in the high chair.  Cuba has more Doctors than Sick People. Nobody is sick, they have to send their doctors where people need doctors. And Fidel just sat in his high chair throwing stones at constant US backed attacks. Forced Him to build big army.  Don't most people who have Armies  want to give them a work out, He didn't have many friends, medical equipment, drugs were hard to get. But death rate dropped from 32 to 5, maybe less now, but likly to increase if Donald Duck gets his way.  Our Minister of Highways and Buy Nutting Days, is of the opinion "that Donald Duck's goose is cooked" anyway. before he even gets into History as a Lifetime Quack. 
     Just the Minister's Opinion, Speaking on behalf of Half The People of Canada, Fidel was a secret Hero, and we all feel greatful for just knowing he existed, and a little sad that he is gone. Saying Thanks to means nothing to Fidel now, but Thanks Anyway, Old Friend.

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