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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Five Conditions / BC Pipeline.

  #One: substantial contributions to the coffers of The BC Liberal Party, Election Time.
 .#Two: Substantial personal contributions from Industry to The Movers and Shakers In Government, that make the pipeline possible inspite of opposition, normal behavior.
 #Three: Minimum contributions to First Nations Chiefs, on and off the books. Corruption is Multicultural. Business tax write off,
 #Four: The People of BC, end up paying all the costs of the pipeline, nothing new here, just the usual numbers juggling,
 #Five: The People of Canada pay for all the Equipment  and maintenance costs for coastal emergency response teams who need to be ready for Tanker Traffic and Oil Spills. Normal, the people work and pay, the profits go far away, and guess who gets left with the mess when the wells go dry. 
    The writing is on the Outhouse Wall, the Pipeline has met Cristy Clark's Five Conditions. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Before and After, Cuba.

     In 1958 in Cuba 32 Infant deaths per 1000 births, 1906, 5.13 deaths per 1000. That occurred while Fidel Castro sat in the high chair.  Cuba has more Doctors than Sick People. Nobody is sick, they have to send their doctors where people need doctors. And Fidel just sat in his high chair throwing stones at constant US backed attacks. Forced Him to build big army.  Don't most people who have Armies  want to give them a work out, He didn't have many friends, medical equipment, drugs were hard to get. But death rate dropped from 32 to 5, maybe less now, but likly to increase if Donald Duck gets his way.  Our Minister of Highways and Buy Nutting Days, is of the opinion "that Donald Duck's goose is cooked" anyway. before he even gets into History as a Lifetime Quack. 
     Just the Minister's Opinion, Speaking on behalf of Half The People of Canada, Fidel was a secret Hero, and we all feel greatful for just knowing he existed, and a little sad that he is gone. Saying Thanks to means nothing to Fidel now, but Thanks Anyway, Old Friend.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Stop Arctic Drilling.

     Canada already has a glut of oil and natural gas on tap, the world has to Reduce The Use Of Fossil Fuels Now, so there is no need to damage the Arctic any more than has been done. The only people that want to blast, drill, and exploit are profiteers who care about money, that is what is important to them and they go to great heights to get their way. Like attending expensive lunches with politicians. They really care nothing for the environment or of the people that have lived in the Arctic for centuries. 
     The responsibility of all Canadians is to draw the line, no more Arctic Exploration for Fossil Fuels. And to seal the demand, everybody reduce their personal use of fossil fuels by 15% Today, another 15% for 2017. Call it Harm Reduction Strategy, and, it can be done by just getting organized and stop wasting. 10,000 Airplanes in the sky everyday in service of the Gladiator Industry, 2800 Logging Trucks in BC Hauling Logs to make Hockey Sticks and Clear Cuts, and don't forget the tolet paper.
      We are making progress, the exploiters are in a rush because they know the writing is on wall, rip and tear for monetary gain and leave the mess behind  days are over, opposition will overwhelm them, even in the Arctic.  And support Standing Rock instead of Corporate Santa Claus.
     This has been a Message from The Minister of Propaganda, of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, 15% Reduction Starts today for all Drag-Ons. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

World Nuclear Boycott.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is Suggesting a Boycott of Exports and Imports of All Countries that have Nuclear Weapons. Sooner or later some nut of a leader might just use them. The world has a lot of problems to deal with, why even risk the possibility of Nuclear War? All other problems would mean nothing if that happened.  
     So, a boycott by all Non Nuclear Countries would force the leaders of Nuclear Armed Nations to Liquidate, but most leaders of governments without Nuclear Weapons will not officially Boycott Nuclear Nations, it is not in the best interests of business. Since that is the case, The Boycott has to become what the people do, refuse to buy everything coming from Nuclear Armed Nations. And where possible refuse any sales of products and resources to same.
     Nuclear Weapons Have To Go. Putin, Trump, we have a lot of Leaders in this World that might use the weapons under certain conditions, this could happen now, or by some nut in the future. And since Nuts still get given power, or take power, it is imperative that we the people, get rid of Big Bombs. Renew Ban The Bomb Efforts, Boycott: USA, Russia, China, France, UK, North Korea, Pakistan, Israel, and India. If you happen to live in one of these countries, Boycott the others that have Nuclear Bombs, and put pressure on your own government, go on strike, buy nothing for three weeks, boycott stores with imports from countries, cancel holidays etc. Where there is a will, there is a way, this is a way. Having a Garden helps.

End Overdoses.

     This is not a solution for the reasons people are taking illegal drugs, but this solves the immediate crisis of drug overdoses here in Canada. Distribute the drugs and needles free or at prices that illegal drugs dealers cannot compete. Free is cheaper than the costs of police, courts, first respondants, hospitals, would lower crime and prostitution, and save lives. Also this would show people care and give addicts dignity. Listen to their story, and help them if possible, is that too much to ask? 
     Solves the Overdose Crisis, and lowers deaths and crime, saves money, could be done easily, make sence, could be implemented in a few days if Drag On Politician got activated. Money could be raised by Liberal Party Fund Raising Dinners for Big Shots. Let's Go. Free Drugs For Addicts, then respond to the Why So Many People Are Addicts.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cancel War Plane Orders.

     What is Canada? What is Canada's priorities? Warplanes? How about Human Existence? How about Global Warming? How about the Drug Overdoses? How about Hungary Kids? How about Rotton Teeth? Maybe some equipped transport planes and ships for emergency response full of Dentists might be an idea a bit better than fighter jets and destroyer ships. Canada is still Increasing arms sales for export and buying jets for defence, from their exports. Every country wants up to date weapons for defence, and uses them for offence. All weapons are offensive. Cancel all new production, sales and purchases of war junk. Put those resources and military forces into something positive, start a example, be a leader instead of a Drag on Manikin. And get to work on those more important things, like gardens, to feed the hungry, and stopping the rape and pillage of Canada's Forests, like what is happening in Wells BC Right Now, where  local loggers are asking for help to block the road to stop 2800 logging trucks. Well, Gardeners know the value of Forests, and are not busy right now, and, it is the home town of The Garden Party's Minister For Community Forests, and there is a perfect spot for a long term Blockade Party, it is under consideration, great place for skiing and snowshoeing.
     May you live in interesting times, and have a Garden.

Golden Knights.

   More Flying Gladiators that will soon be grounded as people clue in to the amount of aero fuel guzzling that goes on polluting our precious atmosphere for entertainment. This just adds to all those 'cheap' flights already going to Nevada for entertainment, gambling. Investors in Flying Galdiators Sports are Gambling and about to lose their bets. The final Daze of Of All Corporate Funded Flying Gladiators has arrived. This will mean of course the loss of a lot of jobs in transportation, manufacturing bobble heads, advertising, stats departments, TV Crews, Fans, lots of sports bums are flying to games and ignoring Climate Change.. Not any longer will we let them ignor the impact that this kind of entertainment has on our air. Thousands of Planes, everyday, for entertainment? Come on, local sports and more of it might be a benefit and certainly would be less cost environmentally. 
     This has been a message from the Minister For More Unemployment, of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, continuing to shrink the Economy and Bankrupt Money. So, for 2016 the Minister Suggests: Boycott Flying Gladiator Games, buy no tickets, save the trees, pick mushrooms.

Standing Rock.

     This is a World Changing Event that is taking place in North Dakota,  USA, by First Nations. A Sleeping Giant has been awakened, as put by one person at the camp to stop a Pipeline and Protect The Water. The action is uniting people around the world, and deserves all the support it needs to succeed. This action is already changing everything, Hope is being restored, and the resolve of long time worn out strugglers for social and Enviroment Change is increasing daily. 
     Thanks to all who are participating directly and indirectly. at Standing Rock. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Police House Cleaning.

     Since Confederation, In Canada,  First Nations Women, and not only First Nations Women, have been treated very badly by members of all Police Forces in Canada, and it has not stopped yet, and it is time it did. The legal system, along with judges, prosecuters and the Police have managed to keep a tight lid the Sick Behavior of their own members. It is time to blow that lid off and put Canada's entire legal system's feet to fire. Full Public Disclosure. There have been thousands of cases of sexual abuse by police, judges and prosecutors in Canada that have not even been reported. Even when seven women, as happened in Duncan BC, accused RCMP Corporal K. Hunt of abuse, the case never got to court. Reason given, Lack of Evidence. In other words, no witnesses. First Nations Women, and Men gave up trying to get Justice in Canadian Courts ages ago, in fact if they even reported abuse, they just got more.  
     Canada, quit pretending that you are the best Country in the world, there are worse, but you still stink, like it or not, that is the truth. So, let's clean up our Police Forces Now. Bring it all out in the open.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Travelling Gardeners, Canada.

    The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders is growing another Branch, growth has started on Vancouver Island BC, and has the possibility of also sprouting up this coming Spring in Ontario.
      New Branch Growing; taking care of land, from city lots to failing corporate farms. The idea is, to use land for food production, the service is Free. We will take on properties as Far East as Ontario this year, and, we invite all Gardeners across Canada to do likewise. Take care of other people's neglected and unused properties and go wild, gardening and getting good food to all the kids. 
     Canada once claimed to be the Bread Basket of the World, has been turned into the Basket Case that cannot feed its own population. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, that collects no Taxes is investing its entire Buget to set up the infrastructure and get every kid fed. This project will create around 200,000 jobs, and could be well established in one year. Since The Garden Party charges no fees or taxes, it is counting on thousands of Canadians to get off their butts, dig in, and get on board to feed the kids where they live. Big project, no debt, nothing but positive results, everybody happy and healthy. Can be done, do it right for the right reasons, monitary costs next to nothing, and, we will have 200,000 Gardeners working together for a Common Purpose. If you need help to get started, contact those who have already started, like, The Garden Party, Emergency Response Minister, Busybody, at 16049283663. 
     The New World Order in Canada, Feed The People.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

If Trump Gets Power...

 The present dictator of Syria likes Trump as President, and hopes Trump follows up on his promise to blow Isis to kingdom come, and not seek regime  change in Syria. Assad claims that Trump would be a Natural Ally along with Russia and Iran. We know the Government of Syria used its military might to brutally suppress protesting Syrians. If Trump becomes President would he do as his new friends do? Will Trump, be as ruthless as Assad of Syria? Or worse? 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders would not recognize Trump as President of an Outhouse. Dump Trump now, before he starts loading boxcars with 'criminal aliens' and shipping them to the Mexican Border to make room for protesters against his Presidency. 

Gardeners United.

     Time for Gardeners to Spring into action. The whole corporate food set up in the world sucks. Gardeners need to organize and Compost the corporate food business. So, how about it? We have lots of people who have Gardens in Csnada. Take it a small step further, get others involved in growing food. One step leads to another, and before we know it, Monsanto or Bayer, are in the Compost with the Corporate food Industy.  Dig in, spread the good word and stay well grounded. What you sow, so shell you reap.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Drain The Swamp.

     The Garden Party is Protesting the "Draining the Swamp in Washington" statement made by Donald Duck. Swamps are special places in our Enviroment, kind of like a natural purse, unlike the Public Purse in Washington surrounded mostly with yellow slime, a real swamp purse distributes its gifts of life, including little black flys, to our diverse life support system. The Public Purse mostly supports the life support system of the yellow slime. So Mr Trump, quite insulting Swamps. There is no comparison.
     SOS Lesosky, Garden Party Without Borders. Digging in.


     So, computers are being made to do all the jobs that humans are doing. It has already started, truck drivers, taxi drivers, loggers, teachers next. Won't even need a farmer. Smart Cars, Smart Houses, Dumbed Kids, Sick People, Dead Earth. 
     The human body has evolved to be used, machines are built to do a certain job and can sit idle, but to keep a mind and body healthy, they must be used. So instead of corporate computer mass made garbage household furniture, we could have thousands of hands getting exercise making lasting quality goods for the local community, from local wood.
     We need respect of wood resources, and we need more forests and vegetation to combat Globle Warming. We do not need throw away Furnature. And we do want healthy minds making good decisions, and healthy bodies, and good things to do with it, like exercising a wooden handle shovel. Dig in, we are making a little progress every day.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

New World Order.

     Of course by now you know that The New World Order is what we make it. The artists of The Old World Disorder may not want to give up their paint brushes of making money, wars, refugee camps, and globle warming, but the paint that they have been using is drying up and falling off, it just will not stick to the future.
     So The Garden Party Without Borders has created a new brush, and is preparing non-toxic paint, to develop a new picture. It is a Plan for the World to Paint. With every stroke from this paintbrush, the New World Order will appear on scene. 
     First of all, let's get our priorities straight, the Enviroment, our life support system, must be number one color on every paint brush not getting shot at.  It will matter nothing what type of failed government we have if our world is devoid of life.
     The Garden Party is on a Campaign, to tackle soil erosion, pollution, waste and fossil fuel consumption. Our methods are working, all our projects, small though they be, have positive social and enviromental results. Non of our projects are being done for the purpose of making money or growing the money economy. In fact we are eliminating need for and use of money. When said and done, our food production and even distribution will reach zero fossil fuel use on all agriculture production within ten years, that is the goal, and the sooner the better. We are already achieving these results on our small projects, and are ready to take on more land, or help others who are attempting to do the same, that is, effectively growing food without destroying natural diversity. 
     We all make up a part of the scene, now is a time special and ready for a new scene for the world, compost the old, nurture the new, dig in, and revive the Garden.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Powerless Structured Government.

     As it should be obvious and already contemplated by the reader, that all types of governments in the world today, would be of better use in a compost pile. The idea of trying to change direction by changing heads of Government, or change direction by changing forms of election procedure, while continuing to operate under the control of debt and money, can only be called wishful thinking and wasted effort. Money pours into the pockets of politicians, and money flows out of the public purse into the pockets of those generous contributors. Normal procedure in Canada, not uncommon in the world. People vote, but money can get enough votes to win elections, power may pass from one party to another party, but money will pour into new elected pockets,  and flow out of the public purse to old unelected pockets. Voters and non voters, will continue to pay, with little say, and much delay. So are Governments today.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada's members, require no elections, need only one vote, and cannot be removed from being Government, until death do we depart. The Garden Party is outside the box, where each member can be a direct participant in Government without all the baggage and corruption in the Box. Money has no say outside the Box, though it may be needed when actions are taken in prison, but now even in prison, money is no longer accepted as the director of action, or inaction. We can act as we should act, and eliminated money entirely, even within the next few years, hopefully. What goes Up or Down, would better be decided by the Gardener, than the Banker. Plant a Garden, Happy New Year.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

No Endorsement, Trump.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders does not recognize any leaders who have less than 51% of public support.  Trump might have 20% of voting age who support him be President, but he also has, at least 70% of the people who do not want him as President. 
     In a Democracy the intent is that the Majority Rule. Majority Rule, by the present construct of the election process in the USA, fails the intent. Majority does not rule, 20% Minority Rule. Proof is in the pudding, if Trump becomes President, the intent of Democracy, of majority rule, has a Flat Tire.  The Election Process in The USA has failed its Constitution intent that may have worked in the past, but does not work today in any Democracy. The powers of democratic governments are directed by a few people with 20% vote support, and if you count all the people old enough to vote, that is all Trump has.
      The Garden Party's Minister of US Affairs, The Dishonourable Busybody, who failed to have any effect on the US Fake Election by giving voters another choice, is now in California. Busybody is a suggesting Self Government Without Borders, and this would Give Trump More Walls to Build. That will create more useless jobs to Make America Great Again, as it implodes within. Busybody will give Trump A Hoe and Shovel, made in China, and get him out Gardening around the White OutHouse.
      Not Painted Yet, but if Trump spent a hundred million tax write off dollars on the election, he can make a contribution and buy tax write off paint, and make the public pay for it, as usual.