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Friday, October 28, 2016

World Shipping Stopping.

     That right, The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, is Burning up all Flags of Convenience. Flags that allow exploitation of Employees, poor ship maintainence, avoidance of taxes and Responcesibiility for environment damage. Besides, the massive amount of bunker fuel burned to push the mighty boats is highly polluting the air, the noise of the mighty engines is driving Whales to beach themselves, and most shipping is unnesscessary for happiness. 
     So, for the preservation of Life on this piece of dust we call Earth, The Garden Party suggests we Bankrupt Big Boat Shipping. Stop Buying Everything that is imported. Support Local Production. It will be there, if we put it there, we need to do these things, the sooner the better, some things that can function off the grid might take a couple of years to develop. 
     Now The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders has no police, courts or jails, but we can make up Laws and Using The Power of Suggestion, change what must be changed, replace what should be replaced, create a new form, perhaps formless government when and where needed, dissolved when no longer needed. It is a work in progress involving all Garden Party Connections. We are as yet still an invisible Government but today we are coming out of the Outhouse Parliment and Spreading our deposits all the way to Georgetown Ontario. 
    New World Order: Cut out the Waste, 15% minimum today! 15% more for 2017. Cut back on everything, and a garden will help accomplish that 
Goal. Well voter, what have you to say, this is self government, what are you going to do? Wait for another election to vote and still have no say? Or self government and make your vote effective?  Stop Buying Junk.
     Garden Party Parliment is not sitting at the moment.

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