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Monday, October 31, 2016

Ukraine Politicians Crooks.

     Business as usual in the Ukraine. The present government is just as corrupt as the last one kicked out for corruption. We have no solid evidence that this is the nature of all power structures, but we also have no evidence that says otherwise.  The Garden Party Self Government of Canada, suggested Self Government for Ukraine but they returned to the same fixed gaming tables, and lost their potential gain.
     What is needed now is Evolving Self Government that puts all the people in the drivers seat, with a brake peddle. At best under present governments the most people can do is be a back seat driver, and if they make too much fuss, they get stuffed in the trunk.
      But, where there is a will, there are always other ways. First of all, let's get our goal clear, Self Government is not a goal, it is a means of working towards a peaceful, sustainable world. Self Government does not mean 'without structure'. It does mean however, that involved people structure their participation and direct how best to reach for the goal. As more and more put into practice the idea of the goal, the transition of governments to self government, takes place. It is kind of a, by the, for the, of the People. Really, it is far simpler, way more efficient, much more effective, when The Self Government is of the model used by The Garden Party of Canada Without Borders. There is nothing Self Government cannot do, just like any Power Structured Government, but there is a lot that would not get done, like building assault weapons for profits. In any case as more people are ready and willing, the transition from this to that and that to this,  will speed up to warp drive, make sure the emergency brake is off, hang in and hang on, there is likly a few pot holes on any journey, so pay attention. Making Changes Daily. 

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