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Sunday, October 23, 2016


     Why are ten thousand refugees stuck in 'The Jungle' in France?
      Canada could feed them, In Canada more than fifty percent of food grown for consumption  is wasted. That means Canada could feed at least thirty million more people.
     Canada could house thirty million refugees. There must be ten thousand logging trucks hauling logs as mighty machines destroy forests and mushroom patches in BC alone. Forests shipped or chipped, a few jobs for a week or two, another clear cut. Sawmills are gone, to places of cheaper labour. Ones and zeros go on a few computers of the Collectors of ones and zeros. On computers outside the country of course, smart business people do not pay taxes, they get subsidized. The public buys their mighty machines and gets stumps in return. Not only that, the mushroom patch provided local income greater every year than what the local community will received from the income of the entire clear cut. And the mushrooms are gone, now how can one make sence out of that? All gone for Ones and Zeros. Would it not be better to at least use the logs for Refugees Homes? 
    Look who is parked at one of the nicest patches of mushrooms on Vancouver Island. The Little Goose Patch, Campbell River BC.
   This is what it looks like this evening.
    This is what it will look like tomorrow. Insanity. 

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