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Friday, October 7, 2016

Mushroom Pickers Co-op.

     Commercial Wild Mushroom Picking in British Columbia sucks. First of all, the most important person involved with the Business is the picker. Anyone can pick and sell wild mushrooms to buyers. Buyers generally buy for wholesalers who clean, sort, grade, and distribute. The result of the present structure is that Canada's Wild Mushrooms are of lower quality, Pickers and Buyers are general untrained and poorly paid, waste is high, opportunities for increased harvest and local income are missed, there is room for improvement. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada is now in gear for next year to start the improvement of wild mushroom quality in several areas, starting with Kitwanga, Kootanes, and Vancouver Island. Picking, Handling, Processing and Marketing, done in a manner to serve best for the local community, and operated by the local communities. A work in progess.

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