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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Grow The Economy.

     How stupid can you get. The Fraudly Elected PM of Canada is running around the world trying to Grow The Economy. For Survival we must actually Shrink The Economy, that would be economical. Basically the PM is Pro Waste. More Waste means More Profit, More Jobs, More Money, More Insanity. This numbers obsession, legalized thieves, organized crime, if allowed, will destroy even themselves to make another zero in their off shore bank accounts. People have to take back the control of Their Government, this is very difficult to do under exsisting structures of Government, but very easy to do if we, or at least 10% of the population are in sink, and working together. Just keep the goal in mind and start doing what has to be done, Stop Buying, Start Doing, and grow a Garden, it will improve your heart, health, and mind. We have free Grape Vines and Bean Seed.


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