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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Canada Supports Blister Bombs.

     That is, the Fraudly Elected Liberal Party's Canada, supports Blister Bombs, certainly most Canadians do not. The Canadian Arms Industy sells weapons, and parts for weapons to Saudi  Arabia, where they are used against the protesting poor. It looks like Canada's Manikin Prime Minister perfers jobs and making a few people rich more important than the hundreds of innocent children, women and men who die with thousands more sick and suffering from Blister Bombs. Made in Canada or not, Saudi Arabia is a Bister Bomber, and The Elected Government of Canada is a direct accomplice by allowing the sales of any arms to Saudi Arabia. 
     We accept that voters believed that "real change" horse manure slogan of the Liberal Party in the last Federal Election. It appears the Federal Liberal Party campaigns from the Left, and governs from the Right. Slow learners with short memories, might be a fair discription of voting Canadians. 

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