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Monday, October 31, 2016

Ukraine Politicians Crooks.

     Business as usual in the Ukraine. The present government is just as corrupt as the last one kicked out for corruption. We have no solid evidence that this is the nature of all power structures, but we also have no evidence that says otherwise.  The Garden Party Self Government of Canada, suggested Self Government for Ukraine but they returned to the same fixed gaming tables, and lost their potential gain.
     What is needed now is Evolving Self Government that puts all the people in the drivers seat, with a brake peddle. At best under present governments the most people can do is be a back seat driver, and if they make too much fuss, they get stuffed in the trunk.
      But, where there is a will, there are always other ways. First of all, let's get our goal clear, Self Government is not a goal, it is a means of working towards a peaceful, sustainable world. Self Government does not mean 'without structure'. It does mean however, that involved people structure their participation and direct how best to reach for the goal. As more and more put into practice the idea of the goal, the transition of governments to self government, takes place. It is kind of a, by the, for the, of the People. Really, it is far simpler, way more efficient, much more effective, when The Self Government is of the model used by The Garden Party of Canada Without Borders. There is nothing Self Government cannot do, just like any Power Structured Government, but there is a lot that would not get done, like building assault weapons for profits. In any case as more people are ready and willing, the transition from this to that and that to this,  will speed up to warp drive, make sure the emergency brake is off, hang in and hang on, there is likly a few pot holes on any journey, so pay attention. Making Changes Daily. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

World Shipping Stopping.

     That right, The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, is Burning up all Flags of Convenience. Flags that allow exploitation of Employees, poor ship maintainence, avoidance of taxes and Responcesibiility for environment damage. Besides, the massive amount of bunker fuel burned to push the mighty boats is highly polluting the air, the noise of the mighty engines is driving Whales to beach themselves, and most shipping is unnesscessary for happiness. 
     So, for the preservation of Life on this piece of dust we call Earth, The Garden Party suggests we Bankrupt Big Boat Shipping. Stop Buying Everything that is imported. Support Local Production. It will be there, if we put it there, we need to do these things, the sooner the better, some things that can function off the grid might take a couple of years to develop. 
     Now The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders has no police, courts or jails, but we can make up Laws and Using The Power of Suggestion, change what must be changed, replace what should be replaced, create a new form, perhaps formless government when and where needed, dissolved when no longer needed. It is a work in progress involving all Garden Party Connections. We are as yet still an invisible Government but today we are coming out of the Outhouse Parliment and Spreading our deposits all the way to Georgetown Ontario. 
    New World Order: Cut out the Waste, 15% minimum today! 15% more for 2017. Cut back on everything, and a garden will help accomplish that 
Goal. Well voter, what have you to say, this is self government, what are you going to do? Wait for another election to vote and still have no say? Or self government and make your vote effective?  Stop Buying Junk.
     Garden Party Parliment is not sitting at the moment.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


     Why are ten thousand refugees stuck in 'The Jungle' in France?
      Canada could feed them, In Canada more than fifty percent of food grown for consumption  is wasted. That means Canada could feed at least thirty million more people.
     Canada could house thirty million refugees. There must be ten thousand logging trucks hauling logs as mighty machines destroy forests and mushroom patches in BC alone. Forests shipped or chipped, a few jobs for a week or two, another clear cut. Sawmills are gone, to places of cheaper labour. Ones and zeros go on a few computers of the Collectors of ones and zeros. On computers outside the country of course, smart business people do not pay taxes, they get subsidized. The public buys their mighty machines and gets stumps in return. Not only that, the mushroom patch provided local income greater every year than what the local community will received from the income of the entire clear cut. And the mushrooms are gone, now how can one make sence out of that? All gone for Ones and Zeros. Would it not be better to at least use the logs for Refugees Homes? 
    Look who is parked at one of the nicest patches of mushrooms on Vancouver Island. The Little Goose Patch, Campbell River BC.
   This is what it looks like this evening.
    This is what it will look like tomorrow. Insanity. 

Grow The Economy.

     How stupid can you get. The Fraudly Elected PM of Canada is running around the world trying to Grow The Economy. For Survival we must actually Shrink The Economy, that would be economical. Basically the PM is Pro Waste. More Waste means More Profit, More Jobs, More Money, More Insanity. This numbers obsession, legalized thieves, organized crime, if allowed, will destroy even themselves to make another zero in their off shore bank accounts. People have to take back the control of Their Government, this is very difficult to do under exsisting structures of Government, but very easy to do if we, or at least 10% of the population are in sink, and working together. Just keep the goal in mind and start doing what has to be done, Stop Buying, Start Doing, and grow a Garden, it will improve your heart, health, and mind. We have free Grape Vines and Bean Seed.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Garden Party Meeting.

     To cut the energy costs of heating Canada's Outhouse Parliament, the Garden Party Self Government of Canada has moved it South for the Winter. Just accross the road from The Center of the Universe, in Saanich on Vancouver Island. This is the location where intense heat is felt by local residents that is caused by the gravity of situation and the friction caused by 13 mayors, 13 fire departments, 20 plus police forces, 5 levels of Government and 180,000 civil servants. Civil Servants are the biggest voting block in this aera but even if most lack the skill to grow a carrot they are very skilled at making a ten minute job last two hours. Four ten minute jobs a day is all they can do, any more than that would require more staff. Good help is hard to get, as most people actually want to work, and that is just unacceptable for most civil servant jobs.
     Those are the facts. That is why The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders or Elections is sourcing out Government Jobs. Civil Servants  jobs will now be self funding. And why not? Farmers are self funding, and they work at least 40 minutes a day. Farmers do sometimes require public purse support, crop failures and such, but plowing though an infestation of useless civil servants to get promises and peanuts makes some farmers quit farming. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Mushroom Pickers Co-op.

     Commercial Wild Mushroom Picking in British Columbia sucks. First of all, the most important person involved with the Business is the picker. Anyone can pick and sell wild mushrooms to buyers. Buyers generally buy for wholesalers who clean, sort, grade, and distribute. The result of the present structure is that Canada's Wild Mushrooms are of lower quality, Pickers and Buyers are general untrained and poorly paid, waste is high, opportunities for increased harvest and local income are missed, there is room for improvement. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada is now in gear for next year to start the improvement of wild mushroom quality in several areas, starting with Kitwanga, Kootanes, and Vancouver Island. Picking, Handling, Processing and Marketing, done in a manner to serve best for the local community, and operated by the local communities. A work in progess.

Evolving Self Government.

     The New World Order. Since the Powers that Be, of The Old World Disorder, want to remain In power, they will attempt to develop The New World Disorder, that would be like a change of cloths on a Manikin. However, unbeknown to them, The Garden Party, World Garden Party by now, is totally 'out of control', and has already laid the brick that was rejected, the foundation Of The New World Disorder. Net Works of every activity are developing, activities that are out side government and corporate controls. This is a very direct take over by people developing Self Government. We are Government. Our connections all become mutually beneficial when we are seeking a common goal. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

China Buying Canada.

     Canadian Garage Sale in China. Up for grabs, farmland, coal, LNG. Dirty oil, mineral claims, forests, everything is for sale including Politcal Parties, other than the Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Boundries, which is Priceless of course, far more valuable than all the money in China. And as far as USA goes, their money is 99% advance billed to an uncertain future, which makes the American Dollar worthless. All that is tied to the US Buck, will go down with it. The Two Trillion Dollars of US Federal Bonds held by China will make fancy tolet paper but are not expected to create much of a demand. 
     Foreign Property and Resource Ownership will soon be in the compost around the world. The Times, they are A Changing.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Canada Supports Blister Bombs.

     That is, the Fraudly Elected Liberal Party's Canada, supports Blister Bombs, certainly most Canadians do not. The Canadian Arms Industy sells weapons, and parts for weapons to Saudi  Arabia, where they are used against the protesting poor. It looks like Canada's Manikin Prime Minister perfers jobs and making a few people rich more important than the hundreds of innocent children, women and men who die with thousands more sick and suffering from Blister Bombs. Made in Canada or not, Saudi Arabia is a Bister Bomber, and The Elected Government of Canada is a direct accomplice by allowing the sales of any arms to Saudi Arabia. 
     We accept that voters believed that "real change" horse manure slogan of the Liberal Party in the last Federal Election. It appears the Federal Liberal Party campaigns from the Left, and governs from the Right. Slow learners with short memories, might be a fair discription of voting Canadians.