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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rangers Guard North For Who?

      Rangers are getting new rifles, not a big deal, but when members say they are guarding the north for Canadians, what they really mean is that they are guarding resources to be exploited. Our Manikin is in China right now making Deals. Canadians pay for the security of those resources by the Rangers, subsidize the resource exploiters with roads, airports and energy, give them tax loop holes you could drive a manure spreader through, then pick up the costs for cleaning up the mess after the resource profits have left town. What else did you expect from a fraud Corporate Government?
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada decided it will no longer fund the Canadian Military in any of its present forms, because they are little more than Pubic Paid Police protecting Corporate Interests at public expense. Just more unnecessary jobs, so instead of new improved rifles, we recommend Old Solid Shovels for all members of the military, they are better quality than the new ones for sale in the Big Box Junk Stores. 
     Yes, the World Money Economy has started it slide to history, ships with full cargos are headed to scrape piles that nobody wants, thanks in no small part to our hard working Minister For More Unemployment, who is calling for two extra Buy Nothing Days in September to go picking mushrooms. The 21st of every month is always a Buy Nothing Day Holiday, the other two or more days if you like, can be taken at any time. 

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