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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Public Purse Robbery

      The 80% increased price of Natural Gas in BC is a prime example of how the public subsidizes industry. The power lines that carry the power, the dams that are built for industry, the roads that are built to service industry, are all paid for by the public purse. Mining, forestry, and petroleum industries, all are subsidized by the public purse. The profits made from the resources go to off shore accounts,  which are shared with the coin operated politicians and their parties. 
     Site C Dam is being built to service LNG, paid for by increasd energy bills for hydro and natural gas for the general public. The power expected from Site C Dam will all go for industrial consumption, and will be paid for by the people. The profits will be transferred out of Canada, as is common practice of all major Corperations. All costs, including delivered pizzas, golf games and family flights, will be considered company expense tax write-offs. Nothing more than Organized Legalized Crime, all dead wood, rottener than Illegal Organized Crime. 
      North West BC, a little music for a special audience, and a little mushroom picking in Kitwanga BC.

    Pine (Matsutaki) Mushrooms.

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