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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Occupation Serenity.

     Now making deposits in Canada's First International Outhouse Bank, the only bank where paperwork has relevancy, and line ups are rare. 
    This Bank also is used as Canada's new Sitting Parliament by The Garden Party, where we take care of all unnesscessary Government Paperwork. Other than the smell, everything is flowing along smoothly. Self Government Without Obstacles is the way to go. 
     Careful contemplation on The Mushroom Business in Canada is the business of the day In Canada's Almost Brand New Outhouse Parliament. We already have a plan of action, that will not happen as planned, but we are on a roll where everything goes wrong but ends up perfect, so why stop now. We don't believe in ownership of property, but we want to buy a outhouse overlooking Battle Hill in Kitwanga, it might come in handy to have a backup location or a Second Parliment, and Second International Bank for local and tourist deposits. 
     We are all related, and we welcome the entire family to do their little bit, and send their Deposit To The Mayor of Stromville BC, so he can buy a house in Kitwanga, part of the plan, homes for all who want a home. 

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