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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kitwanga Self Government.

     Want to open a restaurant? A good cook had a problem with working in a local restaurant, went home, still wanted to cook, made a menu, put it on internet, offered delivery, and was busy cooking up storm immediately. Because his house is on First Nations Land he was back at work he loves and is good at the next day. 
      Want to open a restaurant on land stolen from First Nations, you need to satisfy at least fifty civil servants, waste time, increase costs for licences and fees and paper work, pay rent, collect taxes, pay the protection racket insurance companies, when can you cook? You will likly be in a big hole and have to charge prices that are unaffordable for a mushroom picker. But if you are a Self Government Chef, and have a desire to cook, The Garden Party, Self Government Without Obstacles states, take Responcesibiility for What You Do, and Go For It, out in the open. Self Government is alive and well in Kitwanga, and word is that the delivered food is delicious. 

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