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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Occupation Serenity.

     Now making deposits in Canada's First International Outhouse Bank, the only bank where paperwork has relevancy, and line ups are rare. 
    This Bank also is used as Canada's new Sitting Parliament by The Garden Party, where we take care of all unnesscessary Government Paperwork. Other than the smell, everything is flowing along smoothly. Self Government Without Obstacles is the way to go. 
     Careful contemplation on The Mushroom Business in Canada is the business of the day In Canada's Almost Brand New Outhouse Parliament. We already have a plan of action, that will not happen as planned, but we are on a roll where everything goes wrong but ends up perfect, so why stop now. We don't believe in ownership of property, but we want to buy a outhouse overlooking Battle Hill in Kitwanga, it might come in handy to have a backup location or a Second Parliment, and Second International Bank for local and tourist deposits. 
     We are all related, and we welcome the entire family to do their little bit, and send their Deposit To The Mayor of Stromville BC, so he can buy a house in Kitwanga, part of the plan, homes for all who want a home. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Public Purse Robbery

      The 80% increased price of Natural Gas in BC is a prime example of how the public subsidizes industry. The power lines that carry the power, the dams that are built for industry, the roads that are built to service industry, are all paid for by the public purse. Mining, forestry, and petroleum industries, all are subsidized by the public purse. The profits made from the resources go to off shore accounts,  which are shared with the coin operated politicians and their parties. 
     Site C Dam is being built to service LNG, paid for by increasd energy bills for hydro and natural gas for the general public. The power expected from Site C Dam will all go for industrial consumption, and will be paid for by the people. The profits will be transferred out of Canada, as is common practice of all major Corperations. All costs, including delivered pizzas, golf games and family flights, will be considered company expense tax write-offs. Nothing more than Organized Legalized Crime, all dead wood, rottener than Illegal Organized Crime. 
      North West BC, a little music for a special audience, and a little mushroom picking in Kitwanga BC.

    Pine (Matsutaki) Mushrooms.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Self Government, Kitwanga

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, is now digging in, in Kitwanga BC. We will be presenting, conceptually, a community cooperative model dealing with Local Wild Products, but starting with Mushrooms. On a good season, thousands of decent paying jobs would be created. Anyway, if you live in Kiwanga, or in the aera, we are picking mushroom here and have cell service, text or phone to meet in Kitwanga. The number, 604 928 3662, Louis. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mushroom Madness, Kitwanga.

     The commercial mushroom picking of BC is at times more like a mini gold rush. This is inefficient in terms of the number of people driving and burning up gas to go where the mushrooms grow, then walking the same ground as ten other people drove to and walked the same day. Add a few dogs to all the people in the bush looking for mushrooms, for a couple of months, this can be a big disturbance to the local wildlife getting ready for winter. Things are changing, for the collective better is the idea, in the long haul, we all benefit.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kitwanga Self Government.

     Want to open a restaurant? A good cook had a problem with working in a local restaurant, went home, still wanted to cook, made a menu, put it on internet, offered delivery, and was busy cooking up storm immediately. Because his house is on First Nations Land he was back at work he loves and is good at the next day. 
      Want to open a restaurant on land stolen from First Nations, you need to satisfy at least fifty civil servants, waste time, increase costs for licences and fees and paper work, pay rent, collect taxes, pay the protection racket insurance companies, when can you cook? You will likly be in a big hole and have to charge prices that are unaffordable for a mushroom picker. But if you are a Self Government Chef, and have a desire to cook, The Garden Party, Self Government Without Obstacles states, take Responcesibiility for What You Do, and Go For It, out in the open. Self Government is alive and well in Kitwanga, and word is that the delivered food is delicious. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Occupation Kitwanga.

    The Garden Party, Self Government Without Borders is taking root all over BC, no public paid for signs are going up on back roads, but one project after another is getting started, serving directly the local people, and building real community. Real Community does not need good people turned into useless civil servants hanging up political signs. Most civil slaves become useless,and uncivil doing braindead work, turning every job into a bigger job, and end up collecting big pensions for never finishing the job. Not only that, they hire more people to never finish the job, build bigger and more monuments to bullshit, until the whole manure pile collapses. 
     By the way, prune plum trees grow in Kitwanga, and we may have a local drug dealer turned farmer growing plums and apples here, potatoes next year is also a possibility. We all are here, make the best of it. There is a House for sale here for 45 grand, unstopable, by now The Garden Party might be pruning fruit tress in the CIA's back yard, without the CIA or The Garden Party knowing anything about it. The CIA's job, is to prevent any sort of organization that runs outside the control of the powers that be, but The Garden Party found a hole and they can't stop planting good seed. Every plant is growing without formal structure, what is not there, can't be seen by the blind, there is no visible organization, yet reorganization is constant on every declared, and undeclared front. The Garden Party by now exists on both sides of most borders, borders will soon all be in the Compost with Money and the CIA. They just will not be, the world is in Transition, New Growth, replacing the deadwood. All three, Borders, Money and Secret Police. are on The Garden Party's 'put into history list'.
     There is now an idea to develop a Community Mushroom Processing Operation in Kitwanga, BC by next year. The Self Government Without Boundaries is on the job to develop the idea for the most benefit, at the least real cost, the meaning of Economy. Input of course is welcome, or better yet, start your own community serving operations, and Useless Governments would have less reason to exsist. If the Tax Collecter is looking for a handout, give the agent a shovel. There may be bumps in the transition, but all life has its bumps. 

Quality Mushrooms

     To increase our Buy Nothing Days and Slow Down the Economy, the Garden Party, Administers of the Self Government of Canada, are out in the bush picking mushrooms enjoying the scenery. It seems that even on Self Declared National Holidays, our Minister For More Unemployment, keeps shutting down white collar jobs on the Left, Right and Centre as The Minister of Finance continues to refuse to collect taxes for useless activities. Besides, the mass majority of people with bad teeth can't afford to pay taxes for years, after going to a dentist. That Guild of Tooth Pullers are really a band of thieves, literally forcing Canadians to go out of country to get their teeth worked on for a reasonable charge. The Tooth Puller Guild is money motivated, just like the doctors except that there is no government control of how much they can rob people, leaving kids and adults suffering from bad teeth. Lots of better dentists from around the world would come to Canada for 10% of the money charged here and feel rich, but the rules and requirements made up by The Big Bad Dentistry Guild block any Competition. It is their cow and they will milk us as long as we let them. 
     Under the Garden Party Medical Plan, Doctors and Dentists who got in their professions for the Money are not healers, and get shovels. It could be the best cure for them. They could also try mushroom picking.

     One days pick for two old men.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rangers Guard North For Who?

      Rangers are getting new rifles, not a big deal, but when members say they are guarding the north for Canadians, what they really mean is that they are guarding resources to be exploited. Our Manikin is in China right now making Deals. Canadians pay for the security of those resources by the Rangers, subsidize the resource exploiters with roads, airports and energy, give them tax loop holes you could drive a manure spreader through, then pick up the costs for cleaning up the mess after the resource profits have left town. What else did you expect from a fraud Corporate Government?
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada decided it will no longer fund the Canadian Military in any of its present forms, because they are little more than Pubic Paid Police protecting Corporate Interests at public expense. Just more unnecessary jobs, so instead of new improved rifles, we recommend Old Solid Shovels for all members of the military, they are better quality than the new ones for sale in the Big Box Junk Stores. 
     Yes, the World Money Economy has started it slide to history, ships with full cargos are headed to scrape piles that nobody wants, thanks in no small part to our hard working Minister For More Unemployment, who is calling for two extra Buy Nothing Days in September to go picking mushrooms. The 21st of every month is always a Buy Nothing Day Holiday, the other two or more days if you like, can be taken at any time. 

Canada Sends China Manikin.

     Sorry, all trade deals made by Canada's Manikin Prime Minister with China will be immediately composted by The Garden Party. Against all opposing parties that in one way or another, support the concept of Growing the money economy, The Garden Party is, the only party in Canada that is shrinking the money economy. 
     The smallest Self Government in World, opposing all those forces pushing for economic growth, and yet, for 2016, The Garden Party has forced Canada to shrink its money economy. Our monthly buy nothing days, and, lowering our personal consumption of 15% per year, cutting waste out of our culture, should continue the Shrinking. Something for all Canadains to accomplish, 15% reduction of Flying Gladiators for 2017 is not too much to ask, we have more at stake here than entertainment. 
     Keep up the good work, do more with less, set your own goals, 15% reduction, per year works great for The Garden Party. Of course there are some things that we demand 100% Percent Reduction Now, and that is the Export Sales of Weapons. The Garden Party cancelled all deals made by Fraud Elected Canadian Governments with Nations that are selling weapons. That includes China, a big dealer in death.
     So it is important for the Leaders in China to understand, that The Garden Party Self Government of Canada does not consider any deals made by a Manikin Prime Minister valid. And expect to lose your shirt. Investors from China, you have been informed. Besides, only the rich of China will be trying to hide their money buying up dirt in Canada, but the Garden Party has already cancelled ownership of dirt. No one is allowed to take even one grain of sand into their next life, even if they have one. 
     Next World Buy Nothing Day, Shoot Nothing Day, Sept 21st. Shrink the money economy, practice real economy.