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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wanted: 100k Prune Plum Trees.

     100,000 Prune Plum Trees to plant, wherever they can be grown in BC. They produce fruit in abundance almost every year. Require little care. And the sun dried fruit is super good rehydrated. Occupation Apple Tree wants the pits from a diverse number of prune plum trees, to grow seedlings to plant all over BC in the next couple of years. 
      We could leave the job up to elected governments and get half a job done, forty years later at fifty times the cost, or do it ourselves and have it done in a couple of years. Self Government just works better, costs less, wastes less, and all relevant paper work can be done in the morning. If you eat too many plums in one day, more relevant paper work may be necessary.
     BC FEEDS BC PRUNE PLUMS IN SIX YEARS. May take that long too get movement from all the constipated politicos sitting in BC's Ledgislature. Green Party included. 
     Of Course the Garden Party is Excluded by all elected parties, especially by The Supernatural Green Party. The Garden Party is Natural Green, and inclusive without borders and high chairs. And just to blow our own imaginary horn, we exercise our words with shovels, practice what we preach. It is a dirty world after all is said and done, and we love it passionately. Dig In! 

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