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Friday, August 5, 2016

Shovels For 240 RCMP.

     Now that we know beyond a doubt, that Canada's Privide Contract RCMP HAVE BEEN MANUFACTURING SO CALLED TERRORISTS, we suggest that  they be charged with propagating terrorism.
     The RCMP are Canada's Biggest Police Force, they are responsible for thousands of abuse cases that never see the light of justice in Canada every year. Complains hardly ever even get to a court room, and when they do, 99.9% of the cases are dismissed. It is rare indeed that a member of the RCMP is charged and does time for a crime, not that the Garden Party thinks that time spent in jail stops crime, as a matter of fact, jails in Canada definitely propagate more crime.
     The Garden Party does recognize the world as it is, and is not completely calling for no police, and no detention, but most of the RCMP members should be Gardeners, retraining might be necessary, but if Canadians want to decrease terrorism and crime by 75%, retiring half of the RCMP, should accomplish that goal. Then we can concentrate on the remaining 25% who might become terrorists. Look at this with a historical mind, every police force corrupts and abuses power, it is the nature of any stucture of power, that is the way it is, not just in Canada. Converting RCMP to a emergency response team, to prevent antisocial behaviour, to coach trouble makers into problem solvers and Gardeners instead of terrorists, we could lower crime so low that we will need very little police. 
     More Shovels, Less Guns, BC FEEDS BC IN SIX YEARS.

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