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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Rich and Poor Alike.

     All suffer life's downs, disappointments, loss, sadness, no tolet paper. We all can feel pain from a fall, or get programmed by the education system to fit into somebody's desired future. The public schools are dumbing out math and reason abilities of students. 
     There is absolutely no mathematical integrity to our monitory systems, of writing money out of the sky, borrowed from somewhere out there in the sky, then calling what should be a liability or debt, an asset. That asset can now be borrowed from and used to buy real assets. Those numbers created out of thin air own whatever is bought by the borrowed money. Now,  those lenders (banks) legally  own real assets until they are fully paid for by the borrower, with interest. But, as you should be able to see, at zero interest the banks still make a fortune out of nothing. It is the Biggest scam on the planet, people seem to have lost the ability to reason, at least most of those who went to school for more than ten years.
     Scam is the obvious conclusion, The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, Declares the Monitory System A Scam, and By Act of our OutHouse Parliment, All Debt is Cancelled, and Now Illegal. Of course we have our regular harsh punishment for failure to heed The Law, which of course is Extinction,  of Tolet Paper..  

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