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Saturday, August 20, 2016

New World Currency

     Every Countrie's Money Structure is literally falling apart. Stock Markets, Corruption, Insurance Fraud, Bail Outs with Sky Money paying off purchases made with borrowed Sky Money. "Mass Insanity" is what the Nuts of The Garden Party, Self Government Without Borders, has to say about the whole pile of Manure.
     This Trickle Down From The Sky Money, includes a great deal of effort invested in keeping people stupid, keeping them from thinking, funding Gladiator Games and national division, divide and control. Money runs the slave show. 
     Well, The Garden Party Has Declared Food as the New World Currency, until we get beyond  this concept of needing to keep track of exchanges. That is freeing one huge chunk of brain dead people fully employed living and working and stressing out in towers built to worship money. Anywhere from 25 to 50% of work today is in the service of Money. If all the indirect jobs and jobs supplying all the resources consumption to maintain this numbers racket, the percentages of people working for Organized Legalize Crime may be 70 or 80%, all because we equate ownership and value in money. Mass Insanity, Nuts.
     Shovels are waiting for all those people leaving Mass Insanity, there is no unemployment lnsurance in The Garden Party Self Government Without Borders, no such thing as unemployment, if we need more grapes, we will grow more grapes.   
     New World Currency: One Bean has the value one Bean. Not effected by inflation. One Grape is still one Grape and the value of One Iron Shovel has far greater value than a Gold Metal.

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