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Monday, August 29, 2016

Garden Party Gleaners.

     Can't help it, if you live outside the box, every idea is an opportunity calling out for immediate action. School is getting set up to teach how to glean, the process of processing the food from small garden and orchard farms that otherwise is considered waste. 
     Traveling Garden Gleaners, are also expected to start next Spring in Ontario. Of course the Gleaners will set up bases, perhaps many, and train others on the 'how to do it' part. Dates have not yet been set for out East, but Spring during maple syrup season in Ontario would be a good time to organize The Garden Parties invasion. 
     Garden Party Gleaners of BC, are starting now at Spences Bridge. Another debt free, bureaucracy free, tax free,  Self Government of Canada Without Borders Service. No permits, licences, or permission required from any Coin Operated Elected Government or the gas burning tire wearing deforesting organic police establishment. All Garden Party solutions pay their own way, the only way for any good government to go. 
     The Organic Police can put their regulation books where they might be of better use, and pick up a shovel at The Garden Party's Self Serve Unemployment Office and Deposit Bank. It is located in Canada's New Parliament Building In Stromville BC, where the population is expected to double by next year. Unemployment benefits will depend on how much the shovel is used.
     Ontario Feeds Ontario in Six Years! That should give a few people jobs that are now making weapons for export.

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