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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Follow The Money.

     Public Deposit Houses are replacing Banks in Western Canada. Interest rates are so low that Canadians are converting their savings into coins and dumping them into The First Garden Party Depository. Withdrawals will be nil for several years, but interest is sure to increase as time passes, quite unlike money left in a Bank that gets little or no interest as Bankers blow depositors savings and go Bankrupt. A continuous cycle.
     The safest place to deposit money in Canada today is in a outhouse, even if lawyers rob the dirty money, the real value will be left behind.
      On this occasion of the Official Opening of a Garden Party Bank of Canada, we hope our Welcome Offer to the British Royals, expected to visit BC this year will be accepted, and that they will come to a Royal ribbon cutting ceremony in Stromville, at their own expense of course, since we stopped collecting taxes for Royal Tours. 
      Even if we have been using the bank for some time. The Event will be done quickly, with only short speeches from the throne. Rhubarb will be served as guests arrive. The whole Royal family is welcome to make a deposit, that would drive up the Interest. The First Real Outhouse Bank of Canada, would be world famous, tourists will come from everywhere, just to sit, and feel like a prince, or something else. 
     Be sure to make your contribution.  

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