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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Evolution, Garden Party.

     Very hard for a self Government to remain local, it grows naturally. Growing Naturally means a lot less monoculture, which means a lot less herbicides and pesticides, which means a diverse sustainable environment, which means less sick people, which means less White Coat Pill Pushers and more healthy arms embracing shovels. 
     We now have decided that Self Government is better than Total Dictatorship, mainly because of the stress that every Dictator lives under, that must be awful. One would have to be some kind of nut to want that kind of job, thinking for everybody.
     So Now that The Garden Party is Global Self Government, Borders belong to History, and that is where they are going. In the concept compost with phony elections and the military war manufacturing industries that are pumping out weapons for money. These are some of the things the Garden Party is doing with every shovel of dirt its turns, the worms squirm when exposed, much like government people who get caught with their clean hands in the public purse. Maybe he meant "Real Change" $$, and we misunderstood the Unconstitutionally Elected Prime Minister of Canada and he meant change will trickle down.

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