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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Corporation Take Over.

     First thing, shrink wrap Corporate Food out of existence, which we are doing at every Garden, Farmers Market and Farm Food Stand. Corporate Food and Herbicides, has been taking over World Food Production, Processing and Distribution using free trade agreements practically written by them. They want to be the new Land Lords of the World. Used to be the Royalty who were the Land Lords, but now it is Corporations, same thing. Serfs or paycheck slaves, both serve the Master. 
     Local Food Production, Processing and Distribution, puts Corporate Contaminated Junk Food out of Business, Cuts Waste, puts Edible Food on the table, creates Local Employment and Food Security. 
     New Schools to give teachers the skill to go out and teach by example is in the plans, Preparations are being made now for at least three locations next Spring. Classes have already started and will be ongoing. Tuition is set at nothing, accommodations will vary depending on location and students needs. Graduates will not have to look for work, they will more likely be looking for good help, but without student debt. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is in the Process of Composting Corporate Toxic Foods Locally, and is Distributing the Good Food News Globally. 
     Local People Feed Local People, Globally In Six Years.

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