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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Blame News, Homeless.

    Laws Passed by Elected Governments of BC to benefit the Real Estate Industry have been, and still are today, the number one cause of Homelessness.The laws regulate the number of unrelated people living on a property. The result of these laws are a direct cause of most of the Homelessness in BC. 
     On one hand, Governments are spending millions of dollars, as in Victoroa BC, setting up locations to get homeless out of sight, while another branch of the same Government are enforcing regulations that are pushing more people onto to street. These laws are applied mainly on those of low income, mostly people who are non voters, students, and others who share accommodations to pay mammon.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders or Olympics, declares New Deregulation Laws for BC. Now, more than four unrelated people will be allowed to reside in One Hole Outhouses, and, unlimited numbers are allowed during emergencies, weekends, conventions, and Royal Visits. We expect a big stink from the Real Estate Folks, as we let the hot air out of the outhouse market.  For example this almost new outhouse is big enough to sleep ten standing people. In Vancouver on a lot it would sell for a million or two, but we are asking only $250,000, a great investment for dirty money, being unloaded at 25% of its assessed value. All but the hole can be moved. 

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