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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Biggest Fear on Earth.

     Losing all their money would be the greatest fear for some people. The Garden Party does not relish in the suffering of anyone living in fear of poverty, only because they have always been rich. Born with a fear of poverty, hardly their fault, poor people. What else do they know? Look how hard their life is, always worried about their money and possessions, flying everywhere to get away from themselves, needing special food cooked for them yet never satisfied, and nothing useful to do. Depressed poor people requiring a constant entertainment and a supply of Happy Pills.
     Unfortunately for them, Money is no longer necessary as a tool of theft and exchange and has been dropped by The Garden Party as we continue working on Paradise Without Borders.
     By the way, we have not yet got the $20,000 for that piece of paradise with a large collapsing log cabin that is near by, it would aid the whole aera, lots more gardens and an active involvement in community forests. It's a win win, but we too, are delayed by money at times during this transition away from its use. The feeling is that we are nearing elimination of money use, as we constantly throw it where it will be of some use, as gravel for the path to the outhouse, for example. 
     Some people's greatest fear is not getting to our Bank in time to make a deposit, that is not exaggerated.

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