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Saturday, August 27, 2016


     With just a little help from a few people, a whole lot of First Time food processing is getting going without permission from all the Government Regulators that work for Organized Corporate Crime preventing any self employment. Of course we need regulations, do you know how many thousands of Canadians died every year from eating pies sold by little old ladies? Do you know how many puplic paid pie police there are in Canada?  Every level of useless government in Canada has Pie Police, trained to sniff out old ladies pies before they get to the street. How else are Loblaws and Safe Way going to sell their poisoned pies?
     Plane and Simple, Corporation Foods Pay Off Slimy Politicians to pass laws so only Corporations can make all the pies on the 'for sale' market. Guess what you Corporate Pie Thiefs. The Garden Party Self Government of the Beyond has Declared All Pies completely unregulated under our home cooked Free Trade Agreement. Sorry for the lost Pie Police jobs and loss of Corporate Profits, but you cannot stop progress, The Garden Party keeps growing, all other parties are getting composted. After a good composting and only the good parts of each of them is left, you have The Garden Party. Spences Bridge Feeds Spences Bridge.

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