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Sunday, August 28, 2016

30M For Pandas?

     Calgary Zoo Needs a Bail Out to Incarcerate Pandas. If they want to blow 30 million out of the public purse, we suggest they spend it on the Panda's Natural Environment and move Harper's Folly where it belongs.
      And while we are on the subject of the pubic purse, guess what else is being grandly funded. Privately Owned Gladiator Sports. All the sports that make private profits, including golf, MLB, NHL, NFL, Olympics, even nose picking contests (for good causes) can and are being written off taxes, and spent without any oversight or consultation with the public on how and on what those uncollected taxes are spent. Players, Airlines, the Sports Bum Junk Industy, Ski Resorts, the colossal Advertising Industries, (and owners), making millions of dollars, most of which comes out of uncollected taxes. Without public permission, but it is legal. It is a crime for the general public to steal public property, yet Billions are being stolen that should be in the purse to pay for what needs doing, not golf, go cart car racing, hockey, baseball, football or a Zoo. There are plenty of unaddressed social and enviro issues in Canada that are getting nothing but spectator sports out of the public purse. And maybe a view of a Panda Bear, Woopy Ding. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada and Beyond has Declared Woopy Dung on all Gladiator Sports Tax Write Offs as Business Expences, and is sitting back watching the crashing corporations. That is our latest Spectator Sport,  Enjoyed by all Gardeners after a day of digging in, or repairing wooden fruit boxes to crash a few more wasteful and polluting, corporate industry thieves.
     This has been a public message from our Mimister For More Unemployment who is alway busy putting millions out of useless and unnecessary work, and giving them a shovel. 
     Happy Box Fixing. Sometimes to fix a box, one needs to get out of the box to find a way that cannot be seen in the box. The whole thing is simple, but with all the junk in the box the hardest thing is getting out of the box. Stop Buying Junk, and Give more people shovels. Dig In for the long haul.

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