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Monday, August 29, 2016

Garden Party Gleaners.

     Can't help it, if you live outside the box, every idea is an opportunity calling out for immediate action. School is getting set up to teach how to glean, the process of processing the food from small garden and orchard farms that otherwise is considered waste. 
     Traveling Garden Gleaners, are also expected to start next Spring in Ontario. Of course the Gleaners will set up bases, perhaps many, and train others on the 'how to do it' part. Dates have not yet been set for out East, but Spring during maple syrup season in Ontario would be a good time to organize The Garden Parties invasion. 
     Garden Party Gleaners of BC, are starting now at Spences Bridge. Another debt free, bureaucracy free, tax free,  Self Government of Canada Without Borders Service. No permits, licences, or permission required from any Coin Operated Elected Government or the gas burning tire wearing deforesting organic police establishment. All Garden Party solutions pay their own way, the only way for any good government to go. 
     The Organic Police can put their regulation books where they might be of better use, and pick up a shovel at The Garden Party's Self Serve Unemployment Office and Deposit Bank. It is located in Canada's New Parliament Building In Stromville BC, where the population is expected to double by next year. Unemployment benefits will depend on how much the shovel is used.
     Ontario Feeds Ontario in Six Years! That should give a few people jobs that are now making weapons for export.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

30M For Pandas?

     Calgary Zoo Needs a Bail Out to Incarcerate Pandas. If they want to blow 30 million out of the public purse, we suggest they spend it on the Panda's Natural Environment and move Harper's Folly where it belongs.
      And while we are on the subject of the pubic purse, guess what else is being grandly funded. Privately Owned Gladiator Sports. All the sports that make private profits, including golf, MLB, NHL, NFL, Olympics, even nose picking contests (for good causes) can and are being written off taxes, and spent without any oversight or consultation with the public on how and on what those uncollected taxes are spent. Players, Airlines, the Sports Bum Junk Industy, Ski Resorts, the colossal Advertising Industries, (and owners), making millions of dollars, most of which comes out of uncollected taxes. Without public permission, but it is legal. It is a crime for the general public to steal public property, yet Billions are being stolen that should be in the purse to pay for what needs doing, not golf, go cart car racing, hockey, baseball, football or a Zoo. There are plenty of unaddressed social and enviro issues in Canada that are getting nothing but spectator sports out of the public purse. And maybe a view of a Panda Bear, Woopy Ding. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada and Beyond has Declared Woopy Dung on all Gladiator Sports Tax Write Offs as Business Expences, and is sitting back watching the crashing corporations. That is our latest Spectator Sport,  Enjoyed by all Gardeners after a day of digging in, or repairing wooden fruit boxes to crash a few more wasteful and polluting, corporate industry thieves.
     This has been a public message from our Mimister For More Unemployment who is alway busy putting millions out of useless and unnecessary work, and giving them a shovel. 
     Happy Box Fixing. Sometimes to fix a box, one needs to get out of the box to find a way that cannot be seen in the box. The whole thing is simple, but with all the junk in the box the hardest thing is getting out of the box. Stop Buying Junk, and Give more people shovels. Dig In for the long haul.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


     With just a little help from a few people, a whole lot of First Time food processing is getting going without permission from all the Government Regulators that work for Organized Corporate Crime preventing any self employment. Of course we need regulations, do you know how many thousands of Canadians died every year from eating pies sold by little old ladies? Do you know how many puplic paid pie police there are in Canada?  Every level of useless government in Canada has Pie Police, trained to sniff out old ladies pies before they get to the street. How else are Loblaws and Safe Way going to sell their poisoned pies?
     Plane and Simple, Corporation Foods Pay Off Slimy Politicians to pass laws so only Corporations can make all the pies on the 'for sale' market. Guess what you Corporate Pie Thiefs. The Garden Party Self Government of the Beyond has Declared All Pies completely unregulated under our home cooked Free Trade Agreement. Sorry for the lost Pie Police jobs and loss of Corporate Profits, but you cannot stop progress, The Garden Party keeps growing, all other parties are getting composted. After a good composting and only the good parts of each of them is left, you have The Garden Party. Spences Bridge Feeds Spences Bridge.

Monday, August 22, 2016

World's Biggest Scam. Sky Money.

      The monitory systems of the world are full of university educated robots that believe there is mathematical integrity in their God, Money. These Robots are either in on the scam, or are brain dead with no ability to reason due to their education. No matter, scams only work on the unaware, and there must be at least 2% of the world population that are aware that money only has value because of an indoctrinated belief. Sure, currency is a measure to do exchanges, but when those measures also can be manipulated and accumulated out of the sky by 1% of the people, who trickle it down to their advantage as they see fit, even the currency is corrupted.  And as long as people are for sale, they are slaves, some rise and are middle class slaves, foreman, managers of slaves, purchased for more money, but still slaves managing slaves chasing money, keeping the program going, until it crashes, which can happen again at any time. The powers that be, because they run the numbers racket, know the fraud, they also know that they can no longer hold the illusion together for at least 2% of the population, and now are in the back rooms trying to develop a "new economic model", that would continue their special status. They do not care about the robot middle class slaves other than their usefulness to act as a buffer between rich and poor, and to keep the scam going by giving them a few extra peanuts.
     Not any more, too late now, The Garden Party has already introduced a NEW ECONOMIC MODEL for the world: One Bean Equals One Bean, Interest in Growing One Bean can easily give Dividends of 50 Beans, but One Bean will always be the same value, and, unlike money, beans cannot be harvested from the sky. 
     The New Economic Model will operate on the Trickle Up Theory, working with Gravity that will bring the Upper and Middle Classes down to where Beans are Growing Up, and all classes will meet in The Garden, and instead of fairy tales and make belief, will get a Well Grounded Education.
     Need some Beans to grow the New Economy? We are Loaded.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Evolution, Garden Party.

     Very hard for a self Government to remain local, it grows naturally. Growing Naturally means a lot less monoculture, which means a lot less herbicides and pesticides, which means a diverse sustainable environment, which means less sick people, which means less White Coat Pill Pushers and more healthy arms embracing shovels. 
     We now have decided that Self Government is better than Total Dictatorship, mainly because of the stress that every Dictator lives under, that must be awful. One would have to be some kind of nut to want that kind of job, thinking for everybody.
     So Now that The Garden Party is Global Self Government, Borders belong to History, and that is where they are going. In the concept compost with phony elections and the military war manufacturing industries that are pumping out weapons for money. These are some of the things the Garden Party is doing with every shovel of dirt its turns, the worms squirm when exposed, much like government people who get caught with their clean hands in the public purse. Maybe he meant "Real Change" $$, and we misunderstood the Unconstitutionally Elected Prime Minister of Canada and he meant change will trickle down.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

New World Currency

     Every Countrie's Money Structure is literally falling apart. Stock Markets, Corruption, Insurance Fraud, Bail Outs with Sky Money paying off purchases made with borrowed Sky Money. "Mass Insanity" is what the Nuts of The Garden Party, Self Government Without Borders, has to say about the whole pile of Manure.
     This Trickle Down From The Sky Money, includes a great deal of effort invested in keeping people stupid, keeping them from thinking, funding Gladiator Games and national division, divide and control. Money runs the slave show. 
     Well, The Garden Party Has Declared Food as the New World Currency, until we get beyond  this concept of needing to keep track of exchanges. That is freeing one huge chunk of brain dead people fully employed living and working and stressing out in towers built to worship money. Anywhere from 25 to 50% of work today is in the service of Money. If all the indirect jobs and jobs supplying all the resources consumption to maintain this numbers racket, the percentages of people working for Organized Legalize Crime may be 70 or 80%, all because we equate ownership and value in money. Mass Insanity, Nuts.
     Shovels are waiting for all those people leaving Mass Insanity, there is no unemployment lnsurance in The Garden Party Self Government Without Borders, no such thing as unemployment, if we need more grapes, we will grow more grapes.   
     New World Currency: One Bean has the value one Bean. Not effected by inflation. One Grape is still one Grape and the value of One Iron Shovel has far greater value than a Gold Metal.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Obama, Obama, Trudeau.

     "Yes We Can , Yes We Can".
     The majority of people wanted 'real change', in the US and believed it was possible with Obama. And it was possible, with the people,  but not with a Money Run Government. Trudeau, with words like 'real change' in the last Canadian Election, is no more effective than Obama. Just another false hope, in a dysfunctional system. 
     It should be apparent by now that change does not come from the few at the top of the feeding frenzy, but from the many empty bellies being disenfranchised at the bottom. That is where 'real change' is taking place in Canada today. 
      The starving for more from the upper and middle classes, is now being cut off as the little people direct their bounty to feed the many Hungary Poor, instead of just the Gorging  Few. Action is increasing under the table without much being passed up to be ripped off, it has always been the trickle up theory under the money system. The Many give most to the few who do least. 
     However,  the trickle up theory is no longer a sure thing. Not since The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders opened Canada's First Outhouse Bank with Royality Making Deposits. Heard it on the Grape Vine. The Prince may visit our bank, and view the other contributions, everybody looks, don't they, just in case.....who know why? One thing is sure, this Bank will still be in use long after the rest will be forgotten in history. If the Outhouse Collapses, every thing goes with it.
     Movements start from the bottom and the Garden Party with shovels in the ground has gone as low as it can go, so as not to fall off a new direction that is rooting underground and we know about the squats and set ups. The GP direction does not include money, we are in process of working it out of use, and that is why we are harvesting Dried Beans Today. "Yes We Can"!

The Last Olympics .

     When money gets involved, one thing is certain, corruption will move in, eventually. Olympics, or Food Banks, Dams, Political Parties, even Dental Floss. Money decides who gets the training, and so is never really a honest result, not that is of any importance other than bragging rights. For certain, many of the competitors, winners and losers, are plagued with drug and medical problems for the rest of their lives. Sports should be fun, develop the body and mind, even entertain, but flying jets of gladiators all over the world for cheering and jeering idolators, consuming resources, polluting the skies to sell more sports gear has to end. 
     So, the Garden Party of Canada Without Borders, the first non nation government in the world, is officially cancelling all future Olympics, and awarding a Iron Metal to all who disagree with it's philosophy. Shovels for All Promoters, so they too can make a real social contribution and dig our way out of the mass insanity of chasing after Gold, Glory and Money, clean up the pollution and provide good food for every child. 
     The Games Are Over, Dig a Garden. New World Order.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Blame News, Homeless.

    Laws Passed by Elected Governments of BC to benefit the Real Estate Industry have been, and still are today, the number one cause of Homelessness.The laws regulate the number of unrelated people living on a property. The result of these laws are a direct cause of most of the Homelessness in BC. 
     On one hand, Governments are spending millions of dollars, as in Victoroa BC, setting up locations to get homeless out of sight, while another branch of the same Government are enforcing regulations that are pushing more people onto to street. These laws are applied mainly on those of low income, mostly people who are non voters, students, and others who share accommodations to pay mammon.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders or Olympics, declares New Deregulation Laws for BC. Now, more than four unrelated people will be allowed to reside in One Hole Outhouses, and, unlimited numbers are allowed during emergencies, weekends, conventions, and Royal Visits. We expect a big stink from the Real Estate Folks, as we let the hot air out of the outhouse market.  For example this almost new outhouse is big enough to sleep ten standing people. In Vancouver on a lot it would sell for a million or two, but we are asking only $250,000, a great investment for dirty money, being unloaded at 25% of its assessed value. All but the hole can be moved. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Corporation Take Over.

     First thing, shrink wrap Corporate Food out of existence, which we are doing at every Garden, Farmers Market and Farm Food Stand. Corporate Food and Herbicides, has been taking over World Food Production, Processing and Distribution using free trade agreements practically written by them. They want to be the new Land Lords of the World. Used to be the Royalty who were the Land Lords, but now it is Corporations, same thing. Serfs or paycheck slaves, both serve the Master. 
     Local Food Production, Processing and Distribution, puts Corporate Contaminated Junk Food out of Business, Cuts Waste, puts Edible Food on the table, creates Local Employment and Food Security. 
     New Schools to give teachers the skill to go out and teach by example is in the plans, Preparations are being made now for at least three locations next Spring. Classes have already started and will be ongoing. Tuition is set at nothing, accommodations will vary depending on location and students needs. Graduates will not have to look for work, they will more likely be looking for good help, but without student debt. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is in the Process of Composting Corporate Toxic Foods Locally, and is Distributing the Good Food News Globally. 
     Local People Feed Local People, Globally In Six Years.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wanted: 100k Prune Plum Trees.

     100,000 Prune Plum Trees to plant, wherever they can be grown in BC. They produce fruit in abundance almost every year. Require little care. And the sun dried fruit is super good rehydrated. Occupation Apple Tree wants the pits from a diverse number of prune plum trees, to grow seedlings to plant all over BC in the next couple of years. 
      We could leave the job up to elected governments and get half a job done, forty years later at fifty times the cost, or do it ourselves and have it done in a couple of years. Self Government just works better, costs less, wastes less, and all relevant paper work can be done in the morning. If you eat too many plums in one day, more relevant paper work may be necessary.
     BC FEEDS BC PRUNE PLUMS IN SIX YEARS. May take that long too get movement from all the constipated politicos sitting in BC's Ledgislature. Green Party included. 
     Of Course the Garden Party is Excluded by all elected parties, especially by The Supernatural Green Party. The Garden Party is Natural Green, and inclusive without borders and high chairs. And just to blow our own imaginary horn, we exercise our words with shovels, practice what we preach. It is a dirty world after all is said and done, and we love it passionately. Dig In! 

Rich and Poor Alike.

     All suffer life's downs, disappointments, loss, sadness, no tolet paper. We all can feel pain from a fall, or get programmed by the education system to fit into somebody's desired future. The public schools are dumbing out math and reason abilities of students. 
     There is absolutely no mathematical integrity to our monitory systems, of writing money out of the sky, borrowed from somewhere out there in the sky, then calling what should be a liability or debt, an asset. That asset can now be borrowed from and used to buy real assets. Those numbers created out of thin air own whatever is bought by the borrowed money. Now,  those lenders (banks) legally  own real assets until they are fully paid for by the borrower, with interest. But, as you should be able to see, at zero interest the banks still make a fortune out of nothing. It is the Biggest scam on the planet, people seem to have lost the ability to reason, at least most of those who went to school for more than ten years.
     Scam is the obvious conclusion, The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, Declares the Monitory System A Scam, and By Act of our OutHouse Parliment, All Debt is Cancelled, and Now Illegal. Of course we have our regular harsh punishment for failure to heed The Law, which of course is Extinction,  of Tolet Paper..  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Canada and Weapons Sales.

     What can we say that we have not said before. Shut down the arms industry in the country. What good comes out of exported weapons? Can you justify sales because it makes jobs? Brings in money so you can buy more junk? Have people lost the ability to reason? Profits of war. Who is paying the cost? Proud to be a Canadian? Should be ashamed for allowing the export of any arms. And quit making enemies for more profits, now!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ghost Town Occupation.

     Stromville, legend has it a Ghost has has been squatting in a empty log cabin in the back of Canada First Outhouse Bank, and has yet not made a deposit. One can hardly expect squatters, especially ghost squatters to make deposits in a government regulation constructed Outhouse Bank, with a high wooden seats, even if the proper paper work is freely provided which donors can keep as proof of deposit. 
     Squatters need to organize and demand equal rights for comfortable transactions, there are all kinds of lawyers quite willing to accept Dirty Money, but none yet have offered their services to take the case to the Canadian Supreme Court.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Garden Re-Creation Party

     Spences Bridge has developed a Formless Commune, not only is it growing and bearing good fruit, it now is producing viable seed that will take root elsewhere until every community can sustainably feed all the local people, good healthy food. Plans are being made for two large nurseries in the aera.
     The border less Garden Party Commune is now Established. What is different with this commune is that it cannot fail. Requires no structure of power other than the power of the individual as to how their commune works. The thousands of failed commune models are of no concern. Each Member represents all the offices, president to janitor, all that, plus paperwork, could be done in one outhouse. The commune starts with one person working with another person, to get back to The Garden, as equals, with everybody else, yes, even with the people that they do not agree with, yet. 
     This commune formed a instant web out of nowhere with connections to gardens, tools, skills, housing, funds from a dozen locations taking shape in BC. There is no Formal Structure to any of the communes, they exist because two people agree, to leave the door open, when four connect to forty, the four will gain more than the forty, but now,  the forty four can do even more. Connections are organically happening and being pursued. Each new place is suddenly connects strangers like old family members getting together for a reunion with a common purpose. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Shovels For 240 RCMP.

     Now that we know beyond a doubt, that Canada's Privide Contract RCMP HAVE BEEN MANUFACTURING SO CALLED TERRORISTS, we suggest that  they be charged with propagating terrorism.
     The RCMP are Canada's Biggest Police Force, they are responsible for thousands of abuse cases that never see the light of justice in Canada every year. Complains hardly ever even get to a court room, and when they do, 99.9% of the cases are dismissed. It is rare indeed that a member of the RCMP is charged and does time for a crime, not that the Garden Party thinks that time spent in jail stops crime, as a matter of fact, jails in Canada definitely propagate more crime.
     The Garden Party does recognize the world as it is, and is not completely calling for no police, and no detention, but most of the RCMP members should be Gardeners, retraining might be necessary, but if Canadians want to decrease terrorism and crime by 75%, retiring half of the RCMP, should accomplish that goal. Then we can concentrate on the remaining 25% who might become terrorists. Look at this with a historical mind, every police force corrupts and abuses power, it is the nature of any stucture of power, that is the way it is, not just in Canada. Converting RCMP to a emergency response team, to prevent antisocial behaviour, to coach trouble makers into problem solvers and Gardeners instead of terrorists, we could lower crime so low that we will need very little police. 
     More Shovels, Less Guns, BC FEEDS BC IN SIX YEARS.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Biggest Fear on Earth.

     Losing all their money would be the greatest fear for some people. The Garden Party does not relish in the suffering of anyone living in fear of poverty, only because they have always been rich. Born with a fear of poverty, hardly their fault, poor people. What else do they know? Look how hard their life is, always worried about their money and possessions, flying everywhere to get away from themselves, needing special food cooked for them yet never satisfied, and nothing useful to do. Depressed poor people requiring a constant entertainment and a supply of Happy Pills.
     Unfortunately for them, Money is no longer necessary as a tool of theft and exchange and has been dropped by The Garden Party as we continue working on Paradise Without Borders.
     By the way, we have not yet got the $20,000 for that piece of paradise with a large collapsing log cabin that is near by, it would aid the whole aera, lots more gardens and an active involvement in community forests. It's a win win, but we too, are delayed by money at times during this transition away from its use. The feeling is that we are nearing elimination of money use, as we constantly throw it where it will be of some use, as gravel for the path to the outhouse, for example. 
     Some people's greatest fear is not getting to our Bank in time to make a deposit, that is not exaggerated.