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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ukraine Peddling Arms

     The Fraud Elected PM of Canada wants to grow the money economy, nothing like wars to accomplish that goal. Seems like not much 'real change' in that department from what Harper was doing. Pushing The Russian Bear into a corner by sending troops to Latvia and arms to Ukraine can easily have unexpected consequences. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada is now collecting shovels to send arms dealers in the Ukraine, the sooner Canada stops selling weapons, and gets out of NATO the less likely that our potatoes will be blown to bits. There is not one good reason for Canada to be meddling in Eastern Europe Politics, and, a lot of good reasons not to. War is Hell, and all NATO will accomplish by putting troops on Russian Borders will give Putin justification for more troops, start another arms race, and possibly set off a World War that would send us back to the Stone Age. 
     We are happy that Harper is gone, but Trudeau is just driving a different tractor pulling the same combine going nowhere.

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