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Monday, July 11, 2016

Olympics In Compost.

     Giving away tickets, to make it look like people are interested. The only interesting thing about the Olympics is finding out that other countries are just as corrupt as our own. We in Canada just use more smart lawyers and Government Registed Accountants to get the same result. That is of course, to get in the public pot and put as much as possible in your own purse as fast as you can, then buy a house in Vancouver to hide the cookies.
     Greed is a contagious disease and is spread in brief cases to all Governments. As soon as you throw out the established brief cases, a whole bunch of new brief cases move in and you can be sure, one brief case will be carting the contagious disease that will spread until one day you will want to throw them all out again. 
    Solution: to end the spread of brief case contagious disease, cancel the public pot Olympics and give all Galdiators a metal shovel. Then they can compete doing something useful in their life. 
     Keep up the Good Work Brazil, the silly games are not yet over, but we are winning, and this should be the last Olympics. 

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